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Mr Michael Thomas

Kents Hill Junior School


PE at Kents Hill Junior School

At Kents Hill Junior School, we aim to instil a passion for P.E and sports across the entirety of the school. Every child will have the opportunity to be the best they can be in their PE lessons, sport and active playtimes. Through PE, we aim to teach our children new skills, (which is taught from a skills-based curriculum implemented at KHJS) and show the children how to improve on these skills in a fun, safe and stimulating environment.

We aim to provide every child the opportunity to participate in sporting activities regardless of barriers, providing them with a minimum of a two hour intense PE lesson every week, plus many other additional practical based sessions during school and after school.

We provide a variety of sporting opportunities both in school and from external agencies, in particular the CPSSP, which are regular faces within our school and sports provision. Our children will become healthier, confident and build on their self-esteem in preparation for KS3.

We strive to give each child exactly the same opportunities and instil the key values of perseverance, independence, compassion and teamwork within each PE lesson.

Sports Premium Funding

We aim to ensure the Sports Premium Funding is used to develop confidence, provide excellent facilities and equipment, also by using sports specialists to deliver PE sessions and work closely alongside main teaching staff to enable the children to have the ultimate sports provision at KHJS.

Aims for sport provision at KHJS

  • To increase participation at KHJS.
  • To engage the children through quality teaching and coaching
  • To increase the children’s self-esteem, health, well-being and confidence.
  • To provide a range of different sporting activities to encourage full participation.
  • To narrow the gap between girls and boys PE targets.

Lunchtimes at Kents Hill:

During lunchtimes, we offer a range of sporting activities, taking place on the school field or on our playgrounds. Our aim is for the children to be as active as possible throughout the day, by providing structured sport sessions, supervised by qualified adults within the school.


Pupil comments about PE and sporting opportunities both in and out of school:

  • Children would like a wider range of activities:

What we have accomplished - We have incorporated a new skills based curriculum which has been implemented since January 2019. This curriculum will build on children’s skills and form a solid base for sport throughout the year.


  • A fully trained PE teacher that is able to teach all areas of sport;

We have included more specialist teaching staff from Castle Point Sports Provision, who regularly work alongside teaching staff to help plan and prepare lessons, looking specifically at the skills based curriculum.


  • More time for PE:

We have incorporated more ‘outdoor learning’ within our curriculum lessons to allow active learning to be taking place.


  • The lessons to be more fun:

Working alongside Castle Point Sports Provision, they are helping to plan ‘fun’ and enjoyable lessons for our teaching staff to deliver.


Youth Sports Trust – Data Analysis of questionnaires – questionnaires were distributed to Year 3,4,5 and 6

Overall, this data shows us that P.E lessons at Kents Hill;

  • 4% of children, male and female, dislike P.E Lessons. Unfortunately, the data does not allow for further questioning, so we are unable to pinpoint underlying issues. However, this 4% has to be a focus in within staff planning.
  • 94% and 96% of children at Kents Hill ‘love’ P.E lessons. Well done to all the teaching staff involved with the planning and preparing of lessons. We are clearly making our lessons enjoyable and memorable, whilst incorporating the key elements of our skills focused curriculum.
  • 52% male and 51% female would like to be more active after school. Kents Hill offer a variety of before and after school physical P.E activities.
  • 82% and 70% of children know that physical activity is an important aspect of maintaining a healthy life. We have arranged for Castle Point to deliver a unit to


Consideration for future planning of PE at Kents Hill Juniors


  • Regular and quality physical education can help the children’s well-being. Feeling happy and being with friends during sport has been the children’s main focus when participating in PE lessons.
  • Additional time linked to the curriculum, where we could plan for lessons outside of the classroom? P.E can be closely linked to Science objectives, could we take learning out of the classroom?
  • How can we further develop after-school activities? Regular promotion in class and assemblies? Working together with CPSSP to offer half term activities?
  • In addition to physical education, break time/lunch times can provide opportunities for students to engage in vigorous- or moderate-intensity physical activity which has been proven to improve classroom behaviour – could we make break times more P.E based? Games on the playground?