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Mr Michael Thomas

Kents Hill Junior School


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The Internet offers today’s young people a multitude of opportunities for both work and play, and at Kents Hill Junior we are committed to ensuring that our students develop into positive digital citizens who can confidently and safely make use of new technologies. 


In school we do our part to keep our students safe by filtering and monitoring their Internet access and by giving e-safety a high profile in assemblies and other areas of the curriculum as well as in PSHE and Computing lessons.


Of course, this focus is most effective when reinforced at home and the role that parents can play cannot be underestimated. Keeping open lines of communication with your children regarding the threats that may be encountered online is very important, and the resources below should equip you with the knowledge and understanding required to have these conversations.


Parents Guide to Instagram


Iphone Parent Controls


Nintendo Parent Controls


iPad Parent Controls


Fortnite Handout esafety


Xbox Parent Controls


Parent Guide to SNAPCHAT


PS4 Parent Controls


Parents Guide to Kindle


A Parents Guide to Facebook


iPod Touch Parent Controls