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Week beginning 04.11.19

This week, the Year 5 students have demonstrated respect and a mature attitude during our Health and Relationships lessons. The children have shown curiosity when learning about our ‘Changing Me’ unit of PSHE.   Importantly, they have discussed and learnt about changes to their bodies as they go through puberty, for both males and females. Sensibly, they have learned how the reproductive system works, in turn producing new lives.


Week beginning 21.10.19

This week in Year 5, we have continued to develop our understanding of Forces by conducting an investigation into friction. Using toy cars, the children tested whether the speed of the moving car was affect by the material of the surface it was travelling on. They then used their findings and understanding of fair testing and accuracy to suggest how they could improve the accuracy of their findings. In addition, the Year 5 children sensibly learnt about Road Safety this week. Importantly, they learnt about the impact of crossing the road safely, as well as stopping distances and the importance of being aware of surroundings. Well done Year 5 – an important lesson well learnt.



Week beginning 14.10.19

This week in Year, the children have designed, created and improved their own prototypes in Design Technology. Applying their understanding of gears, levers and pulleys within science, they have produced guillotines designed to behead a plasticine man, as would have punishment for crimes in the past. They have applied their understanding of punishment in the Tudor era, as well as other key time periods, to create effective designs, as well as choose materials and resources to construct their own guillotines. Impressively, many children were able to improve their prototypes after evaluating whether their structure served its purpose, in addition to displaying fantastic team work.


Throughout this week, the children have been developing their understanding of online safety using the SMART approach. To enhance this, Year 5 used Now Press Play to immerse themselves in a real life scenario concerning online safety, which they then discussed the importance of and how to resolve the issue.


Week beginning 07.10.19

This week in Year 5, the children have been developing their understanding of air resistance in science. They planned and conducted their own investigations creating and testing parachutes rate of fall, using different types of material to test this. After recording their data, they came to the conclusion that paper had the most air resistance acting upon it, as their paper parachutes fell at the slowest rate. This information could then be passed onto the company that they were designing parachutes for. In addition, the children have been focusing on their writing to entertain in the form of rewriting the opening scenes of the book Holes. Successfully, they have used similes and personification as well as expanded noun phrases and adverbs to compose well thought out, creative, pieces of writing. Well done Year 5!



Week beginning 30.09.19

This week, the children have had the amazing opportunity to meet GB athlete Laura Samuel. They demonstrated the core values of perseverance during the fun yet tough exercises, as well as teamwork whilst cheering on their peers!  In Gymnastics as part of PE, 5LJ have tried hard whilst using the apparatus, as well as 5MC and 5HW continuing to push themselves in their PE lessons. In addition, they’ve also furthered their understanding of crime and punishment across different eras whilst recreating the Magna Carta in Art and learning about punishment in the torturous Tudor period.



Week beginning 23.09.19

This week, the children have had the amazing opportunity to meet GB athlete Laura Samuel. They demonstrated the core values of perseverance during the fun yet tough exercises, as well as teamwork whilst cheering on their peers!  In Gymnastics as part of PE, 5LJ have tried hard whilst using the apparatus, as well as 5MC and 5HW continuing to push themselves in their PE lessons.


In addition, they’ve also furthered their understanding of crime and punishment across different eras whilst recreating the Magna Carta in Art and learning about punishment in the torturous Tudor period.





Week beginning 16.09.19

This week Year 5 have produced a ‘write to inform’ piece about Slavery in the Roman era, using all the learning acquired during topic lessons, as well as beginning to learn about Crime and Punishment in Anglo-Saxons times. Excitingly, they presented/listened to speeches from School Council candidates, and developed our understanding of politics by using ballot papers to elect their year group members of the School Council. It was also Year 5’s turn to showcase ‘what we’ve been learning’ in our celebration assembly. As a year group, the children performed the Tudor Punishment song, as well as shared some of their other work since being Year 5’s.

Week beginning 09.09.19

This week in Year 5, the children have gone back in time 2000 years to learn about crime and punishment in the Roman era. To start their learning, they researched a range of Emperors using the Chromebooks, which provided an opportunity to practise their teamwork skills. The children then developed their knowledge by learning about different types of punishments in Roman times using scenario cards and a flowchart, and compared these to the modern era, as well as learned about slavery. In addition, they showed off their creative ideas in our first Free Write, which was inspired by our book – Holes. Well done Year 5!


Week beginning 04.09.19

This week the children have been settling into life as Year 5’s! On their first day back, the children enhanced their ability to work in teams, as well as problem solving, during team building activities.  One of the challenges was to build a tower using only spaghetti and marshmallows.

To excite the children, they were detectives for the day as part of our hook day for our topic Crime and Punishment. Superbly, Year 5 worked together to identify evidence at a crime scene, as well as scrutinising witness statements and other evidence in order to capture the criminal. They learned about the importance of using finger prints and DNA to identify suspects, including printing their own finger prints! The children discussed punishments and suggested consequences for Miss Hovey’s actions. Using everything they had learned, Year 5 produced their own reports of the tragedy demonstrating their fantastic writing abilities.


If you have any questions or queries at any point, please don’t hesitate to contact one of us via the home/school diary or the school office. We will also be present at the end of the school day on the gate.

We are looking forward to our first exciting topic:


 Please check back each week to see what we have been learning about!

Week beginning 15.07.19

This week Year 4 have been designing their own settings and characters to make a Stone Age animation. They then went onto using the ZU3D software on the laptops to make their stop motion animations working in groups of 3. The children have really enjoyed coming up their own storyboards, characters and settings to use within the animation. Below is some examples of their work. 


In science this week, children have been looking at and exploring why animals become endangered. They begun by exploring what man made changes effect the environment animals live in. Then chose an endangered animal to research and found out where their animal's habitat is, why their chosen animal was endangered and what is being done/ could be done to help this animal not become extinct. The children then had the freedom to chose how to present the research they had found into their books, many choosing to make a poster. Below is an example. 


Week beginning 08.07.19

On Monday, Year 4 took part in a lesson understanding the properties of 3D shapes. They put this into practice by creating paper Stone Age figures - conical Stone Age people, homes with entry ways and even a mammoth!

On Thursday, we took the next step in our Design and Technology project, working closely with our teachers to use saws, hot glue guns and card triangles to build our pulley system structures as solidly as we could. When we weren't building these, we were creating the background for a new Stone Age project: animations! We used different techniques with tissue paper to decorate the inside of a cardboard box - to set the stage for our animations! The outcomes were all excellent.





In PE, we worked together as a year group in a rounders tournament. It was great to mix the whole year group together and to work in our houses once again.


Week Beginning 01.07.19

We began getting ready for our Design and Technology construction this week and were able to work with saws to prepare the wood. The children were very careful to measure and to have a teammate check their measurements, and then under close supervision did the sawing themselves!

Next week we will finish our preparations and begin to build our very own pulley system towers inspired by Ug - Boy Genius Of The Stone Age.  

Year 4 enjoyed going onto the back playground reserved for Year 5 and 6 on Wednesday before Meet The Teacher took place. From all accounts, the children were very well-prepared and acted just like Upper Key Stage Two students throughout the time with their new teachers.

We learned about the discovery of Stone Age homes on the Scottish island of Skara Brae and were able to put this information into a news report including interviews with the man himself, William Watt.


Week Beginning 24.06.19

Year 4 have worked extremely hard on their assessments this week, working to prove how successful their year has been and how ready they are for Year 5. Excitingly, we were involved in the first Government Times Tables Check and logged on to our Chromebooks to answer 25 fast-paced multiplication questions. The children actually seemed to enjoy this 'test' and were pleased with themselves and the preparation that had made it feel approachable to them.


We also wrote a story based in the Stone Age, involving a modern person being thrown back in time and encountering the strange creatures and customs that we have been learning about. 


In Science, we continued to classify and categorise animals, including in Venn diagrams and Carroll diagrams. This work certainly raises some interesting questions on what the children and staff do and don't know about animals and the way they live! There are some fascinating creatures out there that can be very difficult to group.

Week Beginning 17.06.19

This week, Year 4 began a focus on classifying living things based on their similar features, for example grouping animals into reptiles, mammals, amphibians, birds and fish. We can classify in to all sorts of groups though, for example animals with two legs, animals with no legs, animals with four legs and animals with more than four legs. We identified that many large groups share many similarities despite being very different. 

We've worked hard in Maths to recap lots of topics, for example fractions, decimals and time. It was a lot to remember but the children worked very hard indeed.

In History, we focused on how the Iron Age people developed their homes into hillforts - small towns of people living together in their roundhouses on top of large hills for protection of themselves, their belongings and their farms.


Week Beginning 10.06.19

This week, Year 4 started to read the graphic novel Ug – Boy Genius Of The Stone Age and have focused on writing to persuade. We were in role and were trying to persuade members of the Iron Age to appreciate how lucky they were with their superior homes, tools and weaponry. We created television adverts to sell the bow and arrow. 

Year 4 also started their D+T project, inventing a machine that uses a pulley so that Ug can bring fresh water up to a Stone Age village that sits on the top of a cliff. The children will need small plastic bottles to make a bucket for their pulley so if you could save some and send them in that would be really helpful.

This week, we have also been writing to persuade someone living in Stone Age Britain that the Iron Age lives are better than the Stone Age. We have been trying to use a range of compound and complex sentences as well as exaggeration and rhetorical questions. 

Finally, in relation to the Stone Age, the children interpreted a pictogram about animals caught by the hunter gatherers and then created their own. They had to understand that in a pictogram, a small symbol represents a number, often bigger than one, and that you can sometimes use half a symbol to represent half of that number. For example, if a picture of a mammoth meant four mammoths were hunted, then two and a half mammoth symbols would represent ten caught (four, then another four, then half of four which is two).


As our times tables will be assessed in assessment week, we have been practising really hard. We hope that you will help the children to keep these in the forefront of their minds in the next couple of weeks.


Port Lympne Thursday 6th June to Friday 7th June 2019


The children arrived at school and were quickly organised onto the coaches for our arrival at Bear Lodge, our accommodation. We didn’t stop there, however, and sped over to Port Lympne Animal Park before lunchtime. The entrance was made memorable by the first sighting of some of the park’s impressive dinosaur models.

The park is full of animals and a driven safari which takes a full hour, but also some beautiful views.


Some of the animal highlights included a large group of gorillas of different ages – even some really young ones! Their habitat was amazing, with lots of space indoors and outdoors for the animals, and lots to keep them busy.


An impressive number of other primates could be seen at Port Lympne, along with several groups of rhino, tigers and lions.



Guides took us around the safari experience in trucks and we saw a range of animals from three different regions, again with some spectacular views.

The dinosaur forest walk was far longer and more filled with dinosaur models than anyone expected! Here are just some of the dozens of dinosaur models we enjoyed seeing.


Our accommodation was luxurious! Children shared ‘tents’ which included wooden floors, proper beds, working sinks, toilets and showers, with the view of the bear enclosure.

The next day, we travelled to Howlett’s Wildlife Park, where some of the highlights included a large group of African elephants, tigers and an Ice Age exhibit. Remember, the Ice Age was part of the Stone Age!



Week Beginning 3.6.19

'Year 4 have had a very busy week this week, culminating in our residential to Port Lympne on Thursday and Friday. Look out for a new blog post on this soon!

For our introductions to life in the Stone Age, the children took part in an audio story using the Now Press Play headsets. Each child wore a headset and heard the 25 minute story, taking part by carrying out the actions. It was lots of fun and taught us a great deal about the dangers and hardships of Stone Age life in a fun and immersive way.

The children also learned about how Stone Age people got their food through hunting and gathering and enjoyed an outdoors scavenger hunt - despite some rain! Additionally, we looked at Stone Age cave paintings that have survived through thousands or even millions of years and created our own in the same style.

Thank you to all of the children and adults who worked on their half term homework - we've seen some amazing outcomes including weapons and tools made from anything from paper to real wood and stone.

In other areas of the curriculum, the children learned a lot about health and relationships including how our bodies change as we grow older and the correct scientific names for the relevant organs. Please be prepared for some questions from the children and refer to the previously sent letter to check what was taught.


Week Beginning 20.05.19

This week, Year 4 have been working to be persuasive. As we have been reading Cloud Tea Monkeys, we are now producing a piece of writing which will encourage readers to try cloud tea, the deliciously fresh tea grown in the clouds on a mountaintop in India. We have focused on persuasive techniques such as using exaggeration and emotive language, as well as including relative clauses to improve our sentence structure.

In Maths, the children worked outside to use large spaces to help us to see how numbers can be ordered and compared on a number line. It helped us to look at the mid points and also to see if we could find other intervals, for example multiples of ten or dividing the line into quarters. When we had secured this learning, we developed this by working on negative numbers below zero.

We particularly enjoyed our PE out in the sunshine this week and our extra day at home because of the polling day.

We would like to say a huge thank you to Mrs Rose and wish her all the very best for her maternity leave!

Week Beginning 13.05.2019

'In Year 4 this week, the children have been exploring the physical and human geography of India. They have engaged in thoughtful discussions about international trade and the importance of FairTrade products, as well as identifying similarities and differences between the climate and transport of India and the UK. The children discovered the different seasons in India and the significance of monsoon weather. They also identified different modes of transport and considered how life in India might be different to their own lives. 

Towards the end of the week, the children used the Chromebooks and the Google Slides software to produce information leaflets about India. Using a range of formatting skills, the children aimed to produce an information and visually effective leaflet.



Week Beginning 06.05.2019

This week in Year 4 we have written diary entries or recounts to inform our reader about a day in the life of a character from our class text - Cloud Tea Monkeys. We described a significant series of events in Tashi's life, ensuring that we informed the reader of her thoughts and feelings. As part of our writing focus, we used 1st and 3rd person, a range of sentence types and challenged ourselves to use embedded relative clauses. 

We have also continued to explore our India topic by using different maps to identify the physical features of India. We interpreted keys to help us recognise the location of major cities and rivers, as well as indicating the altitude of the land.


Week Beginning 29.04.19

Despite being in school for only three days this week, Year 4 have been working very hard. In Science, the children learned all about different kinds of teeth and how their shape helps them to carry out different jobs. For example, canines are sharp for tearing meat while molars are flat and used for grinding. We also looked at how to look after our own teeth.

In Maths, we are learning about decimal numbers including tenths and hundredths such as 0.1 and 0.01 and comparing them to fractions, for example how 0.1 (one tenth) is the same as 1/10 (one tenth).

We have had a big focus on Reading this week as we get to know Cloud Tea Monkeys even better, working towards a reader response poster. This allows us to capture what we know about the book in an exciting and visual way. We also studied the vocabulary in the story, answering questions on word meaning and working on different strategies to understand unfamiliar words.


Week Beginning 13.04.19

This week, Year 4 had an amazing time on the first day back creating their own version of the digestive system. We crushed bananas and cereal to simulate chewing and then added coloured water at different stages to represent the stomach acid, bile from the liver and pancreatic juices, all while passing the mixture into different representations of the mouth, oesophagus and intestines.

On Wednesday, the children were able to sample traditional Indian food such as poppadums, naan breads, mango chutney and raita. We also enjoyed yoga and a dance inspired by traditional Indian music. As if that wasn’t enough, we also tried our hand at creating Rangoli patterns (which are often placed outside houses or buildings in India) using chalk. Finally, we created our own Henna designs and then painted these on to our hands.


Later in the week, We started reading the beautifully illustrated traditional Indian tale Cloud Tea Monkeys by Mal Peet and Elspeth Graham. This follows the experiences of Tashi and her mother on a tea plantation under the watchful eye of the Overseer and a troop of wild monkeys. We made predictions about what we think will happen in the book and developed our inference skills by looking at the characters we met.



Week beginning 01.04.19

 'In Year 4 this week, the children have been learning about magnets in Science and completing the Design process for our teacher stationery belts. In Science, the children experimented with magnets to discover how magnets interact with each other and a range of materials. They used magnets to test different objects around the classroom, identifying a pattern and coming up with a rule for which materials are attracted to magnets. 

 Continuing on from last week, the children agreed on a final design for their teacher stationery belts and collaboratively created their belts. They practised threading a needle and using a running stitch to hem their fabrics and attach various pockets. Finally, the children used an assortment of materials and fabric pens to personalise their belts.'





 Week beginning 25.03.19

This week Year 4 have been designing teacher tool belts. We have spent some time looking at similar products and thinking about why they are fit for purpose. We then drew a design of our own based on making it perfect for a teacher who loses their stationary. 

After doing this we started to write a persuasive speech to sell our products, making sure we included emotive language, expanded noun phrases and persuasive openers. Below is an example of our work. 

We have also begun making some powerpoints that will be displayed with our persuasive speeches using the google Chromebooks, we have been focusing on adding images and links to our powerpoints. 

It was also 4LJ's class assembly this week, where they displayed all the learning they have taken part in throughout the term by taking everyone on a journey through Europe. Well done to all the children for making an effort to learn your lines and put on a performance for all the parents and carers.  


 Week beginning 18.03.19

This week year 4 have been writing a descriptive piece of writing for a page from the book 'The Lost Thing' by Shaun Tan. The children have been focusing on including expanded noun phrases, prepositional phrases and adverbs within their writing to describe the five senses around the lost thing. Below is an example of their writing.  

We have also begun thinking about and designing our own teachers tool belts. Looking at previous designs and discussing how they are fit for purpose. Then using those ideas to design our own belts which will be begin to make in a few weeks. 



Week beginning 11.03.19

This week year 4 have been focusing on Thomas Edison. We began the week by doing some research through reading comprehension based on his life and the different inventions he did. We then began to write a biography about his life focusing on including different key dates and information in his life and wrote about the impact he has on the modern world. Below is an example of our writing.  



Week beginning 04.03.19

On Thursday this week year 4 celebrated World Book Day, we designed our own favourite book covers and drew them onto our own t-shirts. We also took part in a book world cup to decide on our new class book and took some time sharing and discussing our favourite books. Below are some of our t-shirt designs. 

We also set our classrooms up as a shop as part of a money investigation, we had 3 shopkeepers which had to keep a tally of what had been brought and how much they had made, whilst the rest of the class had a shopping list and had to keep a running total of how much they had spent and how much change they had left after buying everything they needed. 




Week beginning 25.02.19

This week year 4 have begun their new topic called Inventions. We began the week by having our hook day, we had a go at some different team building and problem solving tasks to understand how inventors try to solve problems. Then we had to build a bridge across two tables that would be strong enough to hold a cup of water. We had a range of resources that we could use to make this including newspaper, pipe cleaners, paper, plastic bags, masking tape and sellotape. Some pictures of our bridges are below. 


Our outcome for this week was to build a replica clock which we could use to help us learn how to tell the time. We used paper plates to build our clocks and made sure they were correctly labelled so we could accurately use them to help us tell the time. We then used them to learn how to write analogue and digital times. 


Week beginning 11.02.19

In the last week of our topic Europe, year 4 have been focusing on Romania. On Tuesday, we had a go at baking a traditional Romanian cake. The children enjoyed having a go at cracking eggs and mixing ingredients together. Below is the link to the recipe if you would like to try baking this at home. 

After trying the cake, the children began to write a radio advert to persuade someone to buy their cake they used a range of persuasive features including rhetorical questions, opinions of others and used expanded noun phrases to describe how the cake tastes and smells. Below is an example of their work. 

In Science this week, we finished our sound topic with an investigation into how the pitch can be changed on different instruments. The children had a go at changing the pitch with plastic bottles filled with water and played the recorders experimenting on different ways the pitch can be made high or low. 

We finished our topic this term by showcasing what we had learnt over the term to the year 3's on Friday afternoon. We did this through a roadshow where each group displayed what they had learnt throughout the different countries we have focused on in Europe this term, including Russia, Norway, Italy (Romans) and Romania. 



Week beginning 04.02.19

This week in Year 4 we have been looking on the country Italy with a focus on the Romans. We learnt how to write dates in Roman numerals and did some research on the new Chromebooks to find out about specific dates in British Roman history. Below is a timeline we have started to create with some of the most important events in Roman history. 

In Science this week, we wrote an information text based on this terms topic sound. We had to use scientific vocabulary we had previously learnt to describe how sound is made and how the volume and pitch of different instruments can be changed. 


Week beginning 28.1.19

'In Year 4 this week the children have been learning about Italy, focusing on the Romans. In our History lessons this week the children have studied and compared two Roman invasions of Britain - Julius Caesar's failed attempts and Emperor Claudius' successful conquest. The children have put themselves in the mind of a Roman soldier, taking part in a dramatic reconstruction of the Roman's siege on a British town. Towards the end of the week, the children have been writing diary entries from the perspective of a Roman soldier.  

In our Science lessons this week, the children have continued to develop their understanding of Sound, experimenting with changing pitch and volume. The children created simple homemade instruments and explored how they could affect the sounds created.'


Week beginning 12/11/2018

This week in year 4 we have been looking at materials and their properties, in particular what happens to water when it is heated and cooled.

We have carried out a few experiments. One was to see which conditions affected evaporation. We placed beakers of salt water around the classroom in different environments. These were a warm place, a cool place, a light place and a dark place. We found out that heat helps evaporation to happen quickly as more water had evaporated from that beaker than the others.

Week beginning 5/11/2018 

In Year 4 this week we have been preparing narrative poems about Flotsam, focusing on using a range of figurative language. 

On Tuesday, we participated in the Roots to Food Roadshow, learning about healthy eating. Four of the children competed in a 'Ready-Steady-Cook' style challenge to make two healthy dishes from different parts of the world. 


We have also spent time this week reflecting on Remembrance Day and the centenary of the First World War. In class, we have been working with clay to make poppies, as well as making plastic bottle poppies as part of the whole-school display.

Week beginning 29.10.18

This week in Year 4 we begun our exciting new topic Plastic Pollution. On Tuesday 30th October Year 4 went on a trip to Concord beach on Canvey Island. We met the Year 4 class from Lubbins Park Primary Academy and walked to the beach. We met Colin from the Friends of Concord Beach charity who told us about the work he does keeping the beach clean for the public. We then spent some time cleaning up the beach and looking at different types of litter. 

Autumn 1

This half term, the children have settled well into Year 4 and have enjoyed the responsibility of supporting younger members of our school to settle in. 

We were amazingly impressed by the quality of the children’s summer holiday homework.



They began their Space topic by investigating an alien crash landing on the school field! 

The children developed their team work skills when making and launching rockets.  Mr Falvey and Miss Jackson got very wet!