Kents Hill Road, Benfleet, Essex SS7 5PS


Miss J Parkes

Kents Hill Junior School


School Vision, Ethos and Values

Learning: Our pupils are given the tools to ensure that they will become life-long learners. Each individual lesson contains the key elements needed to make it relevant, challenging and exciting.

Friendship: Our pupils have built positive relationships across the school, local community and internationally. Our Play Leaders, School Councillors, Prefects and the Head Boy and Head Girl are all strong role models to the younger children.

Safety and Well Being: Pupils thrive in a calm and safe environment which promotes the rights and responsibilities of individuals. Our pastoral system is very successful at helping pupils through personal issues.

Success: The school has a fantastic track record of high achievement. Previous OFSTED reports have commended the quality of the teaching and the rapid progress made by all pupils.

The Pupils' Views

We asked four Year 3 pupils to write about how they thought KHJS has helped them to achieve the school's vision this year. These children presented their ideas to our new parents. They said the following:

Learning: At Kents Hill Junior School, we have lots of fun lessons everyday, but all of them are linked to our half term's topic. Sometimes we have practical lessons, such as going outside in maths to complete tasks. We start our great topics with a theme day or cool trip. All the teachers are kind and helpful.

Friendship: At Kents Hill Junior School, it is really easy to make friends because everyone is very kind. No one is left out of games because all the children are compassionate. We have a Friendship Stop, so if your child has no one to play with they can sit and wait for other children to invite them to play. Play Leaders and Midday Assistants will also ensure they are included. There are house teams called Normans, Saxons, Vikings and Danes.

Safety: At Kents Hill Junior School, we have lots of green gates around the grounds. At break-time there are plenty of teachers on duty. If your child is sad there are many adults for them to talk to. In class, we learn about online safety, and we have a Road Safety Walk to help us understand how to be safe.

Success: At Kents Hill Junior School, our teachers encourage us to be successful by helping us in lessons and sharing our targets with us so we know how to improve. When we have met them, we receive a silver zone. When we have achieved four targets, we are in the golden zone and  we are invited to an end of term treat with the Headteacher. There are lots of events such as District Sports,  The Cross-Country Competition and Kents Hill's Got Talent.