Kents Hill Road, Benfleet, Essex SS7 5PS


Miss J Parkes

Kents Hill Junior School


Eco Garden

18.06.19 Gardening club update

We are really pleased to see that there has been some fantastic growth in the garden over the last few weeks.

As well as our flowering plants, we are also growing: potatoes, tomatoes, lettuce, carrots and beans!

As you can see below, these are really starting to bloom! Obviously the wet weather has helped; although, we hope it gets drier, brighter and warmer very soon!


We are really grateful for all of the kind contributions we have had so far for the garden – these are much appreciated.

21.05.19 Gardening club.

After a few gardening club sessions, we are starting to see some real growth!

Flowering plants have been carefully planted by the children after making sure that the area was suitable for growth. All our plants are clearly labelled and have been well looked after by the children.

We have started to grow some other exciting things too such as tomatoes, lettuce and broccoli!

New compost has been laid in order to boost growth. The children have been carefully preparing a large area of the garden for various plants and vegetables to grow.

We have also been busy weeding to try and clear the areas for more exciting things!

We look forward to seeing even more development through the coming weeks as the weather continues to improve…hopefully!



30.04.19 Gardening club.

Today was our first gardening club session!

Our small group of Year 5 and Year 6 children arrived with so much enthusiasm and determination!

We begun by taking our time to look around the garden before the children started thinking about their ideas and drawing sketches of what the garden could look like.

The children had so many fantastic ideas and couldn't wait to get stuck in! We even had some donations from home to get the garden started - we are really grateful for this support.

We will now start to think about how we can put those plans into action and begin to prepare the garden for lots of exciting things!

More updates to follow!



Eco garden development

We have been lucky enough to have volunteers into our school from Ford Motor Company to assist us in the development of our eco garden.

The photos below show the eco garden before and after the initial clear out. Much of the garden was overgrown and the pathways throughout the area were unclear.

After a long and hard day’s work, our volunteers managed to cut back a lot of the overgrown trees and plants, clear the pathways and prepare areas which can soon be used for growing plants and vegetables.

We would like to once again thank all who joined us from Ford Motor Company for helping us to really kick start the development of the area! Further updates to come…