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Red Nose Day - We are published!

This page celebrates all of our budding authors within the school who have been inspired by Red Nose Day this year and written pieces inspired by the theme of Super Heroes!

This page provides a platform for writing to be 'published' and have a real-life audience and purpose! 

If you would like your work to be published on our website, please contact Miss Parkes via the school admin email or add it to your Google Classroom and let your class teacher know.


Fox Boy 

by Xavier M


Once on the 5th of July, George was in his garden and it was getting pretty dark. He had a wander around and then saw a shadow lurking between the fence and the shed. He went over to see if there was something there he wasn’t really sure what it was but as soon as he got there a massive fox jumped out and bit him! He was so scared and he ran as fast as he could to get back into the house.

“MUM! HELP ME! A FOX HAS BITTEN ME!” he screamed as his mum came rushing down he started to feel dizzy and mum told him to go to bed.

The next day,  George had to go to school. He didn't feel like his normal self but he still went to school. At break he had an apple and felt a bit better after eating that because he was pretty hungry. At lunch he didn’t want to talk to many people because he wanted to be left alone but his friends still came over and asked if he was okay. It was finally the end of school and George was so pleased. He went home alone today as he normally does on a Wednesday. He was looking at his phone and minding his own business until he got this weird sense that danger was happening. All of a sudden, his instincts made him jump in the road and save a teenager who couldn’t hear anything so he didn’t get hit or badly injured. Quickly, George leaped across the road and speared him to the other side of the road.

The teenager took out his earphones and asked “How on earth did you do that?” George replied “I’m just a fast runner.” 

 Since then, George has saved the people of Lancaster many times and has a claw that can turn into a grappling hook and an orange metal suit and was known for being the youngest superhero ever - Fox Boy!


by Isabelle C 

It started long ago when the superheroes fell, but one heroic survived. Aderyn Stone was the one and only hero left. Anyway, the story starts when the heroes spotted something from outer space. In the superhero headquarters everyone had a superpower. The team leader, Aderyn Stone, was scanning the computer up front of a massive, dark room. The only light that provided vision was the light from the computer and tablet screens. 

Aderyn Stone was scanning outer space when suddenly the screen showed a small army heading towards Earth. Two or three could stop that lot but what they did not see was that they were at least hundreds of them. The computer screen had only shown headquarters a tiny fifth of that was coming. 

Luckily, one of Aderyn Stone's agents had zoomed out before they sent only three agents out. Aderyn pressed a small button that was attached to the side of the left wall. She smashed the red button and without wasting any time the alarm was set off and all superheroes and agents flew out of the headquarters.

The monsters were flying in a lot quicker then it seemed on the computer. The shiny purple paint shimmer in the sunlight. The huge purple machine was flying down to earth. Hundreds of meters away from the ground the purple beast released millions of other purple beasts but slightly smaller. 

The robots dragged the other heroes around but none of them could stop the new technology. It was hopeless. Well…nearly hopeless. One hero was left which was Aderyn Stone. She pulled out her two water-based blades. Water was forming tips of the sword and the handle was made out of pure solid iron. She would never get past them all or would she. 

With a swipe of her water swords she had knocked down a robot. Within minutes she had nearly cleared out the whole ship of them. The massive robot was the hardest. They kept battling and battling until the alien took Aderyn Stone. Only joking! She smashed the purple machine around in the air and knocked it out of the place. It went soaring across New York City and ended up in the ocean. The superheroes had fallen out in the sea as they were locked inside the beast. Aderyn had every power you could ever imagine. 

She zoomed over too where she had killed the robot she had to save the others. She unscrewed the vault and superheroes crawled out. Everyone flew back to headquarters but a huge crowd was already there. The crowd was wild there cheered and cheered. Again, superheroes saved the day so next time you're in trouble try to solve it yourself but if aliens attack then call the HEROICS!!

KJS-vengers Endgame

by Eden N


In a world far, far away on this planet called Learth there were some fantastic, interesting superheroes disguised as teachers. Ding! The school bell rang. It was the end of school.

“And that's how you solve 500 x 4 + 64 / 3, goodbye class!” Miss Willis said.

Miss Willis sighed in relief. She was a beautiful woman. She headed to the hall but to speed it up she used her powers of turning into any animal and turned into a cheetah. There was Thomas Fury standing on top of a neon, electronic platform.

“I assembled you in this assembly to say we have a code red.” announced Thomas Fury. Everyone’s hands were screaming in panic.  “Do not worry we have super powers.” said Thomas Fury.

“Oh yeah,” remembered everyone.

Thomas clicked on a button then a cyan, voltaic hologram appeared. 

“This is the threat, nothing we ever faced is stronger than this.” said Thomas.

“Oh no it must be small but deadly!” imagined one of the members. On the hologram it looked like this circle with little green tubes sticking out.

“I tracked it at DonaldsMc,”  announced Thomas.

“Anything but DonaldsMc!” cried Mrs Izatt. 


Everyone went through the exit but Mr Falvey used the tall one. Thomas pulled the cyber handle and the ship blasted off!

“Sir I tracked down DonaldsMc!” said one of the Jacksons.

“I never know which ones which,” thought Thomas.

The thick clouds of smoke and fire were blasting through the sky.  Mrs Hovey pointed her finger at the DonaldsMc restaurant. The ship went as fast as a cheetah. It went to the right and landed.

“What happened here?” said Mrs Cawcutt in worry.

The place looked like it had been blown up and it was in ruins.

“Is anyone one hurt?” said Mr Falvey.

Everyone was coughing and pointed to the hole in the wall that had the shape of the threat.

“It went for the city!” announced Thomas Fury.



The loved gang arrived.

“Wow this city looks awesome but destroyed,” announced one of the members.

“Also I think that's the threat,” said Mr Hassan, scared and crying like a baby.

It had Covid as the head on a Godzilla body.  The monstrous threat stabbed you in the eyes when you looked at it. It’s eyes were sharp as its claws!  Its tail is easily controlled like the class when the teacher is mad.

“I have heard lots about you 3…6 oh bother!” growled the monster. “Let’s fight!”

Mr Falvey grabbed Mr Hassan and launched him up. He was rather heavy!  Mr Hassan punched the best punch!

Meanwhile, the villain grabbed one of the Jacksons. “Tell me all the info!” demanded the monster.

“Uh wrong Jackson,” winked one of the Jacksons. She slid down his tail.

Meanwhile Mrs Willis turned into a hamster while Mrs Rice and Mrs Cawcutt scratched the monster’s red, dark eyes so he couldn’t see.  Mrs Willis led the cleaner and Mrs Izatt to the Covid cannon. Mrs Izatt hacked it so it would not launch troops as she is rather good on computers. The cleaner put poison in. The monster spotted them! He turned his attention to the cannon making sure the poison was not launched. 


The monster shook off the heroes. “It is over now!” laughed the monster.

Mr White was invisible and pressed the button while the beast was laughing. Plop!

“No, this is not possible!” screamed the beast. “No!”. He fell face first.

“We did it!” said Thomas excitedly.

“I was mainly focusing on DonaldsMc.” said Mr White. They all high fived each other but Mr Falvey had to duck. 


Super Speedy and the escape of Dr Skull

by Tiffany C


In a world of red noses, there is a hero amongst them, but who? His name is Super Speedy and he is the fastest red nose to exist in his universe. However, his identity is secret to protect his family and friends. His arch nemesis, Red Skull, has been very mischievous. He recently broke into a metal factory, fossil fuse factory and a tech factory. Super Speedy has been trying to work out his plan but what could it be?


You might be wondering who Super Speedy is. Well, he is...Max Plankton. Max has been Speedy Red since he was 19. Nobody knows except his friend Maria, who is also his helper. One day she hopes to fight side by side with Super Speedy as well as have a super cool name.


Now let's start this story. It was a cold day in winter and Max just came back from the shops and bought some medicine for his sick aunt on the other side of town. He was walking when someone came running and pushed him over. It was Dr Skull’s evil thieves! Now they were breaking into a vault. Max ran into a toilet stall and transformed into the one and only Super Speedy. He then got Maria up on his super watch to find out what they were doing. “They're taking diamonds and petty cash and they are also looking like they're trying to find a special item but what could it be?” exclaimed Maria. Super Speedy had to take action before he escaped so he hurried inside the vault to see what they were up to. Turns out they weren't there for the money, in fact they were there for an ancient crown of their queen!


Super Speedy then sprung into action! He punched and threw a guy to hit another and did an impressive roundhouse kick to third and also punched him in the stomach making the ancient relic go flying high in the air. He grabbed it and did a spin kick in all the guys faces too! “Call the police and get these crooks in jail” called Super Speedy to Maria on his watch. “Roger that, Speedy” replied Maria.


The next day Max couldn't figure out what Dr Skull was trying to do. Him and Maria met up at his house to think of ideas.


“If I were evil, why would I have stolen metal, gas, wires and a crown?” asked Max.

“I would probably wear the crown and act like royalty” Maria laughed.

“Wait - that's it! He is probably building a robot to overtake our city!” exclaimed Max.

“Let’s go to Dr Skulls base to see what he is up to” said Maria.


Super Speedy transformed and headed over to his secret base. He unlocked the door and found a 20ft machine knight. Maria and Super Speedy were lost for words. Suddenly, a guard was walking through and Super Speedy raced off to a wall with Maria. “Let's unplug and destroy this thing!” exclaimed Maria. Super Speedy climbed into the control frame and switched its on button off.


All of a sudden, an alarm went off causing Super Speedy to be seen. How would he escape? He swung onto a pole and jumped off it and that’s when he spotted an army of guards chasing after him. He then had an idea and pushed the machine onto the guard giving Maria enough time to call the police and arrest them and find a red skull to get him arrested. There was no site of him however, where could he have gone?


A Fluff-Ball Of Red-Nose.

By Carys H

Hi, my name’s Heather and I’m a superhero. I have a dog called Fluff-Ball. She is super cute. My best friend is called Arabella. I’m a middle child. My little sister is called Posy and my older sister is Rose. I have 2 step-brothers and 2 step-sisters. My step-brothers are called Tim and Thomas. My step-sisters are called Lottie and Elarie. My mother and Father have both been married twice. 

Mum had Thomas and Elarie. Dad had Lottie and Tim. I’m in the most recent marriage so I'm the youngest (after Posy). I’ll now give you an age guide because all my siblings get confusing. 

Heather (me) = 9








Chapter 1


Today is my first day at Buttercream Bakes School For Girls. It has a primary school and senior school, so no school changes for me. My step-mum, Irene dropped me, Lottie, Posy and Rose off. The boys were going to Blue Bloom School For Boys which is pretty much the same school. Buttercreams halls were in a pinky, purple color and were lilac drapes everywhere. I heard the Dance Of The Sugar Plum Fairy coming from a hall. 

I was in class 11. It was near Lottie’s classroom.

“Settle down girls,” came a soft voice from the front. “ My name is Miss Summer and I will be your teacher.”

Then I noticed Elarie. She was sitting near the corner and winked at me. 

“Right. Seating arrangements. Lila and Lora, near the reading room. Mia and Lily, Near the radiator. Darcie and Bella…” Miss Summer announced. She droned on until the last names on the list. “ Arabella and Heather. Can you sit by Elarie over there.” We all made ourselves comfy. My desk now had pink biros and Arabella’s side... was exactly the same. 

“Heather? Do you want to be BFF’s,” asked Arabella.

“Mmhmm” I replied. 

I was trying to recall the name of the fourth Tudor queen. Arabella looked at my work then whispered,  “Mary I,”.

“Thanks!,” I whispered back.

“Cheating now are we Heatherina?”

 Only 3 people call me that snide nickname.  The boys but they would not be able to get in. That leaves… Oh No! Elarie caught me whispering!  Here is what happens when she calls me that. I go off and tell Lottie and Rose before me and Posy go and have fun. Lottie and Rose even made a HeatherandPosyProtectionClub. They gang up on Elarie. 

“How dare you bully a superhero!” Rose growls in her deep voice.

“I’m older than everyone here.” Elarie answered.

“But not me and Ro put together!”  shouts Lottie.

So, I decided not to tell them. 


Chapter 2


When we got home from school, I ran to my room and cuddled Fluff-ball. For some reason she's red. Like red-noses from red-nose day in two days. Me and Posy share a room. Rose would have also slept with us , but she wanted her own room. Anyway, Posy and me have midnight feasts and stay up late. We’re the whole deal. Oh, and remember when I wrote I was a superhero? Well, you’re probably wondering what my powers are, I can control all four of the elements. Which are, in case you don’t know are water, fire, earth and wind. Nobody knows if Fluff-ball ever had powers. 

So, I flumped myself down onto my comfy bed. Fluff-Ball doesn't wriggle when you touch her. I held her tight in my arms and cuddled her for a minute. She is super cute. Fluff is a Pomeranian. Cute? Yes! It’s nearly Easter so I ate a cream egg.

Then the letter came.

It’s not a bad letter or anything. People would think it good. I didn’t. I could be going on a ballet world tour. Now it was time to make the SECOND hardest decision of my life. If I leave I will leave Fluff and everything. Even my superpowers.

“Go or Not, Go or Not, Go or Not!” I said to no one in particular. No one knows my situation yet. I have to decline. I’m not going.  My step-Mother Darcie is going to try to get me to go but I am not. Well, I can’t leave everything I’ve got. Fluff-Ball. No, I can’t.


Chapter 3

Shopping, The day before Red Nose Day.


We got the day before Red Nose Day off. So we went shopping and we could get anything that we desired. That was Red.

First I went to Smiggle. I got lots of stationery. Then I went to Claire’s and got lots of jewellery. Guess what happened at Mcdonalds! I turned into a superhero. Here’s my diary for today.


Dear Diary, 

Today I turned into a superhero at Mcdonalds! There were chips going everywhere because the machine was broken. Then I jumped into action. I used my wind powers to push the chips back up and fixed the machine. Everyone asked my name and I answered: MississMagic. Actually I told them how to spell it.


It was so fun. You would love it! Well, I don’t actually know you. 

“HEATHER LILAC, YOU’RE DOG JUST POOPED ON THE SOFA! “ Sorry that's Irene. I better clean Fluff’s poo up and rescue her. I’ll be back later...

Ok I’m back. Guess what Irene did when she found out about MississMagic. 

“ HEATHER LILAC ME, DARCIE, YOUR MOTHER, JOHN, RONALD AND YOUR FATHER WANT A WORD!” Shouted Irene. She pronounced Father as if it was a dirty word. Sometimes I can’t believe she is Mum to beautiful, kind, sweet Lottie. I think Darcie and Irene should swap children. So I went downstairs and everyone moaned at me about letting out my secret identity.


Chapter 4

Red Nose Day, Part One, So the fight begins. 


I went to put on my red nose, my red dress, my red tights and my red headband. Posy was not up yet so I got her a matching outfit to mine. We all collect all the red noses each year. I didn’t get the ultra-rare Tommy but I got the normal one so I went and found his Greenhouse. Then I put him on. Then I put on my clothes.  Added Fluff-Ball’s outfit. Fluff-Ball wears the same as me. Not even bothering with my hair I went down and had some Rice Krispies. It was 5:30am so I had 29 minutes before the parents woke up and woke everyone else up. We have to get up at 6:00am. You probably think we don’t get much sleep? No, we go to bed at 5:00pm. 


I brushed my milk chocolate fringe lightly so it was straight. Then did the same to my hair. Then sat down and read The Island At The End Of Everything. 


“Heather, can you help me get ready?” asked Posy quietly. 

It was 6:00 and Darcie had just stepped into the room. 

“Girls, Everyone is at work. Irene is moving out. With Lottie.” said Darcie.

I burst into tears. I didn’t want Lottie to go. She is like another proper sister. Irene treats Lottie terribly when they're alone. Poor Lots! 

That day, School was interrupted by something Horrible!


Chapter 5

Red Nose Day, Part 2, The rise of Red Sprayer.


It was interrupted by Red Sprayer the Red Nose. I saw him. He was a red nose with arms and legs. He was carrying a giant bottle of Red spray-paint. Everything he sprayed turned  dun dun duuuuuuun red! Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm. What do I do here? Pick your path. Just Joking! This is a superhero novel not one of those books.

I did nothing! I know it was silly. I know. I know but then I run and hide. When I came out,  everyone was red and frozen. I kept telling myself that there was nothing I could do but there was!

I could be a superhero…


Chapter 6

Red Nose Day, The Finale


I thought that it was going to be easy. Let me tell you, it isn’t. I got changed into my MississMagic outfit and carefully walked without being seen. Well, at least I think I did. You can never be sure. I was hungry and no one was in the house so I ate the whole chocolate cake me and Posy made. Correction: I left 2 slices on Posy’s bed with a note saying: Dear Posy, Here’s the leftover chocolate cake. Enjoy! Heather. 

Now I was ready. I ran up the Red Sprayer (I am going to call him Red now) and he was hard so I hurt my arm in the process. Then I tried kicking him and I hurt my leg. Then I realised.

“Excuse me, Mr Red Sprayer please may I know how to defeat you?”  I asked.

“Such impeccable manners you will be the last person I will defeat. Oh, and only the Red Pomeranian’s bite can defeat me on red nose day.” replied Red.


Red Pomeranian? Where on earth do I get one of those. Then it hit me. He meant Fluff-Ball. Fluff is very protective of me. If there is something or someone I don’t like, Fluff will bite it. All I have to do is show Fluff my hatred for Red. Then he’s done for!


I didn’t know where Fluff was. No idea whatsoever. Well I knew she wasn’t in my bedroom. We literally own a mansion 5 storeys with 141 rooms. She could even be in with Lottie’s horse, Ginger-Cookie, in the back garden! So I went to the back garden. Elarie.


She was holding Fluff and Fluff was squirming, trying to get to me. I ran over to them. Then everything went slow. Elarie threw Fluff up in the air like a piece of rubbish she no longer wanted. Fluff and me both blubbed tears dripping down my face. That's my special Fluff-Ball and nothing can take her away from me. As I went to catch her, Tim and Thomas grabbed my legs. They wanted Fluff to fall and die. 


Then I did the most horrible thing I ever did in my life. I used my earth powers to throw grass in their face. At least it worked and they let go of my legs. Then it sped up again. I ran and grabbed Fluff. She was safe. For now


I ran faster than I’ve ever run before. I HAD to get Fluff-Ball to Red as soon as possible.

When we arrived just ahead of him I told Fluff the plan.

“ You see the red guy? He was mean to Heather so you are going to bite him when I throw you up there OK? 3, 2, 1, GO!” I threw Fluff up there and she bit him. Then he got hold of her. He twisted her leg. 1 second later he disintegrated into nothing. Everything he did was undone. Accept Fluff’s leg.


Fluff did recover safely. Everything is the same, everything is different. I’m a superhero now.


Bobbie to the Rescue

by Bobbie P-E




by Ted S

Chapter 1



The school bus full of excited children pulled up next to the museum. Adam however, was the most excited. Adam loved science and history, and a museum is a hotspot for things like that. The eager children fought their way out the bus, Adam the last of them to get off. He waved goodbye to the bus-driver and walked inside. It was beautiful. Skeletons of prehistoric creatures, staring at him in their glass containers.

“Now, now children calm down! You must stick with our bus buddies! Charles, get out of the bin, no don’t eat it!” said the English teacher, Mr. Anglaise.

“Now children, welcome to our museum of... “

“Uhm, lady, when are we going to see the things?” interrupted one of Adam’s classmates.

“Young man, please don’t interrupt me. You will see our exhibits soon. Anyway, welcome to our museum! Today we will be looking into the wonders of the world!” she continued.

As the mentor went on, Adam’s friend, Benny, nudged him in the arm.

“Hey Adam, look at them.” he said, pointing to a group of skulls.

“Interesting. They appear to be a skull of our former ancestor, a Neanderthalensis, or its nickname, Neanderthal.” explained Adam.

“You know I don’t always understand you, can you be more… less science-y?” asked Benny.

Adam rolled his eyes. “It is a skull from a caveman.” he said with a smirk.

“What do you think is through there?” asked Benny, pointing at a NO ENTRY door.

“Something we shouldn’t be looking at, but all jokes aside, it’s probably a new exhibit they haven’t finished or is finished but not ready to be shown to the public yet.” replied Adam.

Benny said nothing. Adam turned to see his friend slipping into the NO ENTRY door. Adam’s stomach lurched. Adam looked around and saw the class, mentor and the teachers all looking at the bug area, so he dashed towards the NO ENTRY door and quickly shut himself inside.


Chapter 2

The Lab of Molecules


Adam was sure of one thing, it was very dark.

“Benny? Benny!” whispered Adam feeling around for things.

A ghostly face lit up in the corner of the room. It was Benny holding a torch to his face.

“I have come for your soul.” he said in a Batman like voice.

“Gah! Dude! Not funny!” cried Adam. “Why are you even down here!”

“I wanted to see the new exhibit!” replied Benny.

“I wasn’t entirely sure it was an exhibit,” began Adam. “Just usually they are!”

Adam snatched the torch from Benny and lit up the room. It appeared to be a boiler room. They walked down continuous flights of steps until they reached the boiler.

Suddenly, Benny fell to the floor and tapped on the metal floor using his knuckle. RAT TAT TAT!

“What are you doing?!” cried Adam.

“Seen it in a movie. It sounds hollow. There must be something underneath the boiler.” replied Benny.

“Benny, let’s head back. They probably have found us to be missing so Mr. Anglaise has probably fainted in fear. You know how meek he is.” said Adam.

“So? After we see what’s under the boiler we will go back up there and say we were in the toilets constipated.” explained Benny

“Firstly, ew, and secondly, what if there is nothing under the boiler?” asked Adam.

“Well, let’s see.”

Benny opened a child sized latch and heaved his skinny body through it. Adam hesitated.

What if it led to something dangerous? He thought.

Not wanting his friend to go alone, he reluctantly crawled in after Benny. Adam used the torch to light up the crawl space and saw Benny’s black trainers go round a turn. He heard Benny scream and a thud.

“BENNY!” cried Adam. He shuffled more faster to see what had happened to Benny. When he turned the corner, he fell onto something soft.

“OW!” cried Benny.

“Sorry, didn’t see that unexpected turn.” joked Adam.

“Dude, not funny.”

They got up off of each other and  continued walking. Soon, the duo came to a door labeled:


“See, told ya!” laughed Benny.


Chapter 3

The Incident of Atoms


The lab door was locked, yet Adam knew that Benny was going to give up. Next to the door was a code lock. Benny simply typed in ‘PASSWORD’ and the door swung open.

“Wow, super secure lab.” said Benny sarcastically.

Adam and Benny crouched and tiptoed in. Adam quietly shut the door and followed Benny. Tall, tired people were leaning over the tables doing research. Benny did some sign language which meant;

‘Go round the tables, if your movement is noticed, hide!’

But Adam thought it meant;

‘Go with elephants, the suitcases are noticeable, seek!”

Benny quietly crept round the tables without avoiding suspicion, but now it was Adam’s turn. Adam snuck round the tables, but he accidentally kicked the table and there was a glass container perched on the edge, and a little drop plopped onto Adam’s head as it wobbled. Adam stopped it wobbling and continued creeping forward. The duo came to a glass balcony and sat down at a most amazing sight. A giant testing room with the same tall and tired people walking around something big and glowing.

“My lord! It’s a giant atom!” cried Adam.

“That isn’t an atom, atoms are meant to be small! Aren’t they?” asked Benny.

“Yes, but all sorts of weird things must’ve happened in this lab for there to be a giant atom here! It’s a scientific miracle!” explained Adam.

“Let’s go get a closer look.” whispered Benny, getting up.

“Well, I now know I can’t stop you.” sighed Adam.

The duo crept down the balconies and into the testing chamber. They hid behind a cleaning trolley and wheeled it over to the giant atom.

“Wait, who’s that?” whispered Adam, pointing to a man in a hazmat suit walking over to the atom with a specimen tube in his hand. Suddenly a man in a white lab coat cried;

“No! Ingis don’t! That will kill us all, destroy the museum and the whole lab!”

The hazmat man ignored the other man and held out the specimen tube over the giant atom.

“I’m sorry.” whimpered the man.

He dropped the specimen tube and it plunged into the giant atom.

The atom began whirring and it imploded. It began sucking in everything and everyone. Adam and Benny held onto the railing as it pulled them in.

“AHHHHHHH!!!!!!” they screamed.

Next, everything went white and the atom exploded. Adam was thrown against the wall.


Chapter 4

A Hero is Born


When Adam opened his eyes, he was in the wrecked lab. Adam heaved himself up and looked around for Benny. Nothing was left in the lab, no experiments, no giant atom, and no Benny. On the far side of the room, there was a scorched cap that Benny always wore. It was emblazoned with Adam's school crest. Adam felt all sorts of emotions. Sadness, anger but most of all, guilt. If he hadn't let Benny lead him into the lab, maybe Benny could’ve got out. Adam got up and walked out the lab. When he got out the boiler room, he noticed the museum just had a hole in the floor.

Adam walked out the front door to be greeted by his classmates, teachers, fire trucks and ambulances. Adam told everyone what had happened in the Lab of Molecules. Months later, Adam discovered that the drop of liquid that had plopped on his head had protected him from the blast, but it didn’t only protect him, he absorbed the giant atom’s energy. Adam discovered his powers not long after. He could shrink to an Atom like size, and grow to be as big as a skyscraper. He used these powers to stop evil from taking over and to avenge Benny. Adam Jenkins was no more. He was……. MICROMUS.




My Superhero Family

by Summer T

When I feel sad, my family are always there to help me feel better and when I lose a competition and I feel mad they are always there to make me feel glad. My nan helps everyone as much as she can. She really is a super nan. My grandad works and helps us all so much. He is the best super grandad of the lot. My mum and dad are the best of all, they are always there to help me when I need it. My brothers are fun and they entertain me a lot. They are the best super brothers that anyone in the world could ever have. I love my super family and I don’t know where I would be without them.



Real life superheroes

Ava C


Dear diary.


Today was 1st of March 2021 and my first day of working at the hospital. Today was a special day because I had a lot of things to do including my first MRI scan. I began my day by waking up, going on my phone and checking my emails. I had lots of emails from the hospital saying” “Today is the day”. I got even more excited so I got out of my bed and had my breakfast. I had chocolate covered pancakes with strawberries. Then, I brushed my teeth and my very long beautiful, blonde hair. I got my mask and my shield and all of and was on my way. I headed to the hospital in my Fiat. The hospital was only a 34-minute drive away from where I live. Finally, when I arrived, I got picked up all my belongings and headed into the hospital, signed in and then walked to my office. My first patient arrived soon after I got to my office so I went to the front desk, walked to my office and explained what was going to happen. Once I had finished explaining the procedure, I told her to watch this video and it was going to tell her about what was going to happen. As she was watching the video I spoke to her mum and got her personal details. In my hospital diary, I wrote:


“Name: Ava   

 Age: 9

Ava suffers with migraines so she had to have an MRI scan.”


Soon after the video had finished, I took my patient to the Space MRI scan. This room was cool because it was space themed – we didn’t have one of these in my last hospital! Ava was feeling a little bit nervous. I put the scanner on and then walked to the other room to inspect her body. There were such weird noises coming from the machine but her mum was doing an amazing job at looking after her. After an hour or so we were done. So, I went out to of the inspection room and my patient left. That was my day done! I went to my front desk and signed out then headed out of the hospital. Once I got home I was very tired so I had a relaxing, warm bath then ordered a delicious pizza for dinner – I was too tired to cook! After that, I went to the bathroom and had a brushed my hair, brushed my teeth then headed to sleep. A few weeks past and then I got an unusual email. I never normally get emails from my patients but the email said:


“To Doctor A.C

Thank you so much for doing what you did to Ava. We haven't had any headaches or migraines since and Ava is so pleased that she hasn't had any. We are so happy! I think you’re a hero and so does everyone one else in the world. Thank you so much for helping my daughter - we are over the moon that she is feeling so much better.

Thank you!”


On my second day of my new job at the hospital, I couldn’t wait to return to work because I’d already become a real-life hero. When I arrived, I saw bandanas saying ‘hero’. There was no one in my department except when I went into my office…There was all types of stuff that had been left there! A new water bottle, snacks, more gloves and a massive bag of treats. It felt great to be appreciated and I realised…not all heroes wear capes!