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This page will celebrate all of our budding authors within the school and provide a platform for writing to be 'published' and have a real-life audience and purpose! We have a collection of finished pieces and beginning chapters of longer texts to try out with an audience.

If you would like your work to be published on our website, please contact Miss Parkes via the school admin email or add it to your Google Classroom and let your class teacher know.

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My Journey

by Kieran C

Lady Victoria Brooke’s Memento

by Tife R-F


Strutting down the grand stairs like a peacock, Lady Victoria Brooke, who had long black hair and green sharp eyes that could cut through glass, could hear her maids rushing to do all their duties. In the East of London, Lady Victoria lived in a vast mansion with her loyal husband and two children. Today, Lady Victoria was on her way to a suffragette meeting; it was no secret for she was wearing a sash with pride along with a crimson gown rimmed with silver. Mrs Brooke’s eyes gleamed with joy as she danced down the stairs. Her smooth, silk dress caught the eye’s of the maids who were green with envy as they saw their mistress  dance around the parlour. Although she was a long time member and had seen many tragedies, she was still excited to attend.


Lady Victoria climbed into her majestic carriage as her driver welcomed her. She asked the driver to head to the town hall. As the motor vehicle trudged along the rocky road, the glorious suffragette glanced out the window to see women of all ages marching with proud smiles on their faces and suffrage items to decorate their outfits. But along with the incredible women there were men heckling and policemen glaring. Even though there were crude comments from every direction, the ladies held their heads up high. Soon the carriage came to a stop, the rich mistress thanked the driver and stepped out into the divine sun that cast an iridescence on to the wet paths. Lady Victoria joined the queue of women and pinned her badge on to her scarlet frock with delight.


Lady Victoria took her reserved seat and listened closely to the guest speaker. The graceful suffragette looked around the hall and realised it was not just her who wept at the speaker’s misfortunate beginning of being kicked out for being a suffrage member. The guest end her speech with,

“It’s time the men listen to our nee-,”

But before the lady could finish police charged smirking. The hall was filled with courageous women fighting back and frightened women cowering away from the intimidating police. Even though there was chaos around her, Mrs Brooke stood her ground until she felt a cool strong hand grab her hand. Who was this person? Was she getting arrested? What would happen to Lady Victoria Brooke...

The Ship log of Daniel Scott

by Daniel S


July 15th - Hooray! Finally, it's the summer holidays at last. Our family adventure has started off well, because Dad has managed to buy a boat from a man - named Pete (who I’ve nicknamed Pirate Pete).  Pirate Pete is 6ft 4 and has a tattoo on his right arm of a boat. He also has a pet parrot (like mine) - called Jeff.  We know Pirate Pete from the ski racing circuit.  It's not a big boat but it’s big enough for me, my sister, mum, dad, dog and pet bird(rocky) to be happy on, without getting in each other's way.  The boat is bright red (which is pretty embarrassing) but it does have 2 bedrooms - which we call cabins. (Annoyingly, I have to share my cabin with my sister). It's also got a little kitchen - called a galley, with a tiny cooker - the cooker is on something called “gimbels” which means that it swings back and forth as the boat rocks on the sea.  It’s where mum will cook the meals.  Additionally, it's also got an area - called the cock-pit where dad can see what's under the sea - There are lots of computers with  knobs to “twiddle” and flashy lights to watch.  Thankfully, it's got a toilet which is so tiny, I can sit on the loo and touch both walls with my elbows!  We’ve named the boat “Dora the Explorer” as we plan to explore the world by sea before we return back to school in September - Stay tuned!


July 23rd - Welcome back! It's been great sailing on “Dora the Explorer.” Amazingly, there has been no fighting between any of us - even between Emily and me!  We left Canvey Island on a cold, gloomy day and sailed down the Thames into the English Channel. Although the weather was wet and gloomy, it was exciting as we bobbed around - like a ping pong ball in the bath.  Mum had made us a snack box that I nibbled on throughout the long journey. Hysterically, my sister was sick most of the time. “Can you be quiet,” I said - I hoped she’d keep the noise down as it was  disgusting… “huuuurgh” she went every 5 minutes.  So moving on,  it's now lunchtime. I am sitting on deck - in the sunshine, with my legs swinging over the side of the boat. Rocky - my parrot is in his cage beside me; he squarks at the big seagulls as if he is telling them of his adventure too. We have docked (this means parked) Dora between 2 massive big yachts - They are really impressive, I can see that one of the yachts has hot tub on board and a small speedboat dangling from the back - I bet the people on that adventure are having an even better time that me!.  We are in the Port of Barcelona - which is Spain.  Dad has nipped off the boat and left Mum in charge while he gets supplies for our onward journey.  So the next stop is Port of Douro which is Portugal!  Bye for now. 


August 6th - I have lots to tell you today, as it’s been so long since I last wrote in our “Ships log diary!” Firstly, you will be excited to know that Emily has finally found her “sea legs.” Thankfully she has stopped being sick all over the place.  “Whoohoo! I say enthusiastically ”.  “Hey- News alert!” - Mum has decided to do “blended learning” (as she likes to call it...)  and turned our adventure into a competition.  Annoyingly she  has set a task between Emily and Me to try and spot something new every day,  and capture this in our learning journals. However, to make the task even more tricky, my Sister and I have to work through the Alphabet - can you even believe this?  I ensured that there would be a prize at the end of the task - which there was! Then, set to work frantically trying to find anything beginning with the letter A.   It was exhausting! Nothing popped out or even made itself remotely obvious to me that it might want to join the “A team box” - that I had dramatically drawn in my learning journal.  As the time ticked by, I started frantically to try and copy Emily, but then “Dah darrrrrah”, it came to me in a flash of light! I quickly scribbled down (what I thought was a passable answer).  With excitement, I handed in my first task, and sat with built up giggles that I’d beaten Emily…  Mum glanced over my learning journal and did a funny kinda wonky grin, then she raised her eyes to the sky and shook her head.   I tried to convince her that I was right,  as the first thing I wrote down was “A Fish…”  (she didn’t buying this though, so, she made me start again!).    Emily won the first task with a bird called an Albatross  (personally - I’d never even heard of this and I think she might have been cheating as well..).  However, I think I might have won in the end  with “B for Boat”, “C for Cabin” and “D for Dolphin”…   Dolphins are now my favourite animal.  I’ve started to google them so that I can find out everything about them.  For example, I now know that they are a mammal - that means that they give birth to a live dolphin (rather than laying an egg).   They live in pods (not like ear pods that you stick in your ears) - a pod is a group of dolphins.  They swim along the side of the boat (as if they are racing us or showing us the way forward) - like an amazing Sat Nav system! Jumping out of the water; taking it in turns to say “hello” to me. Of course they don’t really say “hello” but i think they would if they could speak.  They just look so happy with their funny smiling faces.  There is one specific dolphin that I have named “Philip” because It reminds me of my Grandad - (it’s slightly fatter than the rest and it has a bald shiny head).  I have seen Philip nearly every morning for a week - I even think he winked at me!. I'm just trying to think how I can get Philip back to Benfleet when we return from our adventure.

August 18th - Food and drink has been very strange whilst I have been on this adventure.  I have eaten the most amazing things - some things that i have eaten I have never even heard of. I think that my mum makes this all up and that the recipes that she creates are just in her head or whatever remaining food is left in the cupboard.  For example she made me eat something called “paella” - It’s a Spanish dish but strangely it had peas mixed in with it, not on the side or in it’s own pile like when we have peas and fish fingers…. “Uuuugh” and a massive scary prawn with its head still on… (I knew Emily would puke at that for sure!)  Dad tried to make the experience into a science lesson by grabbing the prawn and explaining the different parts of its body.  The lesson ended really quickly when Ted (our dog) saw a quick opportunity of a tasty nibble and snapped the prawn clean out of Dad’s hands.  It was an amazing leap, and it totally deserved a “high five” if only Ted had hands! Additionally, the drink has been brilliant; Apart from water during the day; at night we drink coke or Dr Pepper. However, we have a “golden” rule that we must clean our teeth twice before bed. That's actually ok because I like using the bathroom on the boat because it's so tiny.  I’ve now discovered that I can now do a headstand on the loo and nearly touch the ceiling with my feet. - I’m not sure what mum and dad would say if they caught me doing this but it's great fun.  My next personal task is to try and do a “Spider crawl” up the walls.  Now that would be amazing and I’m sure well worth capturing it in our Ships log Journal if I am successful.

The Computer Chip

by Isabelle C


Chapter 1


It started on a gloomy night when everyone was asleep. Lottie had woken up to a startle from a bad dream. Just then in the hallway was a creak in the floor boards. Lottie ignored it and went back to sleep. 

Next night Lottie heard the sound again. She sat straight up in her bed, tightly holding her blanket. It was pitch black and there was silence. Suddenly when she was about to go back to sleep, a beam of light shone brightly into her room. 

‘ Was someone watching her?’ she wondered. She quickly grabbed her torch and blanket, and went to open her door. 

The door creaked as she stepped out into the hallway. She crept to the bathroom. When she got there she saw the light on and the tap running. 

Lottie turned the tap off and it turned back on. She was freaked out so she sprinted back to bed. 

In the morning she gathered up the courage to tell her mum. As she opened her mouth, she knew her mum would not believe her. 

She sat up at the table waiting for her breakfast. As her mum walked over to Lottie with her breakfast, she eyed up the most delicious stack of Nutella pancakes. It wasn’t long until the whole stack was demolished.  5 minutes later and she had finished her breakfast.

Chapter 2 


 Lottie was walking to school as she called across the street to her friends.  She waved to Darcey and Lucy as they crossed the road. The girls were all chatting whilst they accidentally bumped into Mr Watson. “Come on get to class now!” screeched Mr Watson angrily.  

The first lesson of the day was a boring, old math test. Mr Watson handed out the test papers and started the timer. Lottie stared at the paper and gasped. The test was harder then she had expected. 

Lottie wasn’t that good at maths. She fiddled around with her pencil trying to figure out the first question. The girls had studied the night before. Lottie focused hard and was soon whizzing through the paper. 

For the rest of the day they just filed all their work and wrote stories about what they want to do in the summer holidays.  Suddenly, Mr Watson strode in with a pile of papers. 

“ Lucy-80%, Sophia-49%, Darcey-85%, Lottie- 78%!” 

It was after school, and the weather wasn’t happy. There was a tremendous storm that morning. Now it was just misty and cloudy. Lottie was walking home, when she realised the lights flicker in the house opposite. Lottie SPRINTED  home and slammed the door behind her. 

Chapter 3 


She dropped her bags, ran upstairs and…..  Went flying back down them. She crashed into her brother, who was surprisingly on his old, old phone. He looked up from his phone and shrugged his shoulders. This time she went up them a bit slower. She wondered if she was too late. ‘ what if the flickering had stopped.’ But it hadn’t! 

Out came her telescope and she focused it on the window. “Flash!” The flash was so bright it could blind you. The ray of light shone around the neighbourhood. She thought that house was ABANDONED. “Well guess not!” she whispered. “What do you mean?” asked her mum. “ Errr…. Nothing!” replied Lottie stuttering. Her mum stood there holding a plate of cookies and a glass of milk. She placed them down on her cabinet and backed away. She stared back through the telescope but whatever was there it had disappeared. She took her cookie and gulped down the glass of milk. 

She had one more look but nothing was there. As she turned away there was a bang. It sounded like a fired gun. When she looked through the telescope she saw a crack in the window and she saw  the most terrifying sight of all time. 

There in the window was a lady with white hair and black clothes. She stared straight at Lottie. She pulled her curtains shut and poked the long- dark telescope through the silky curtains. Lottie was petrified, her heart pounding and her legs shaking. Slowly, Lottie peered through the gap and as she did a zap of lightning came from the hand of what she thought was a granny. 

            Suddenly, Lottie was called for dinner. She ran downstairs tempted to tell her brother but he was still addicted to his phone. Mum served up her weird looking dish. Lottie and her brother stared at it peculiarly. It was some sort of spag bowl. Well at least it was yummy. After dinner she decided to forget about the strange things until the morning.

 It was around 8 o'clock when Lottie woke up. Sun rays burst through her curtains and into her eyes. She stretched her arms out and…

almost fell out of bed!

The sun was even bright when she opened her curtains. As she did, she slowly peered out and stared directly at where the [granny] had been before. The window was covered up with something that was moving rapidly. The wind was low and the thing was still moving. Lottie knew it had to be someone or something that was moving the object. Lottie was shaking with fear. She took one big deep breath and opened the curtains a little more. 


Chapter 4 


Suddenly the curtains stopped moving and a pale white hand peeled back the curtains, and in the objects place was….


Lottie nearly had a heart attack. The granny's dark blue eyes stared straight at Lottie. What made matters worse was that the granny was holding some sort of robotic card. It had some sort of weird pattern on. Lottie couldn't see what it exactly was but it looked like a computer chip off of one of the spy movies she watched with her friends before. 

Today she was planning to lie about but it seems to have changed in a split second. The rest of her day was going to get very confusing. She saw the granny run out the front door and she hopped inside her rusty, smelly caravan. Lottie was struck with an idea. 

She would investigate the granny and sneak into her grubby little cottage. Smoke spat out of the exhaust of the caravan, as she drove away. Lottie burst out the front door and across the street. She walked down the path and knocked at the door. The house seemed a lot bigger than it did from the window. 

Chapter 5


Lottie knocked again and this time opened the door just enough for her to squeeze through. The walls were covered in ancient paintings and a dirty red carpet was rolled out along the floor of the hallway. Lottie desperately needed to find a light switch. She could barely see anything. She nearly trampled on a cat. The cat was fat and was grey. It had white stripes going across his back. The cat wore a blue collar that said ‘Property of Miss Crackernuts.’ 

‘That is her name. I knew it was something along those lines!’ she whispered. She decided to go upstairs and find the room opposite her bedroom. As soon as Lottie got to the top of the staircase she heard a car pull up outside of the house. ‘Had Miss Crackernuts got back already?’ she wondered. Lottie’s heart pounded. Lottie tried opening the door to the room where Miss Crackernuts was before,  but surprise, surprise it was locked. Her eyes darted around the hallway. As she did she realised the light downstairs was still on. Without thinking, Lottie charged at the light switch and turned it off. Lottie was out of breath. No one would blame her, the stairs are very long. They went up for miles. The little girl got her breath back and a split second after there was a high pitched squeal. 

Lottie had forgotten all about the pulled up car outside. She had to find somewhere to hide quickly. The only place she could think off was up in the hallway where there was a massive cupboard. 

The cupboard was big enough just for Lottie to squeeze through. Lottie was lucky she did that in time because Miss Crackernuts was back. She walked up the stairs with a rusty, silver key. The old lady walked straight past Lottie and as she did Lottie glanced at the key. “I wonder if that is the key to the room?” Lottie whispered. She might have whispered it a bit louder than she thought because Miss Crackernuts turned around like she had seen something horrible in front of her. 

Chapter 6 


Lottie shoved her mouth closed and the house was quiet. Miss Crackernuts didn’t really care and carried on doing what she was doing. The old lady inserted the key and turned it clockwise. The door burst open and Lottie peered inside. What she saw was shocking! There were bottles, cauldrons, herbs and weird looking ingredients. Lottie wondered where she had got them from. Miss Crackernuts walked into the room and the door slammed behind her. Just before the door slammed, Lottie had spotted two big machines that were like something you would see in an evil scientist's room. She knew she had to get out of there quickly before Miss Crackernuts spotted her. 

As she crept down the stairs, her eyes spotted something very unusual. She crept down the stairs but going a bit faster this time. Lottie realised it was the computer card. Without thinking she reached out to grab it and just as she did, a loud bang filled her ears. Her heart pounding faster than ever, Lottie opened the front door and SPRINTED home. 

Lottie was back home and safe in her bedroom. Panting, she hoped that the old lady had not spotted her. She put the card underneath her magnifying glass and studied it carefully. 

Her mum slowly opened the door and asked where Lottie had been. “I have been at the park just getting some fresh air!” Lottie exclaimed. Her mum had long blonde hair at least down to her elbow. She held a bottle of water and gave it to Lottie. As she gave the bottle to Lottie she wiped the sweat off her head. Lottie gulped down the water whilst mum told her to come do her chores. Lottie didn’t mind doing chores. She placed the bottle of water next to the computer chip and left the lid off. She followed her mum down the stairs and started sorting out the dishwasher. 


Chapter 7 


There were plates, bowls, cutlery and cups. Whilst she was putting all of the cutlery away, he brother walked past and said “What the hell is in your room!” Lottie looked at him, confused.

She rushed up into her room. When she turned the corner to her room, her mouth dropped. Her water had spilled all over that computer chip. It had somehow opened a glowing, green portal. Lottie shut the door and stared at the portal that was at least 6 foot tall. Lottie imagined what the granny would have done to her if she was caught with it. Now Lottie understood why the card was covered in a heavy glass case.   

             She stood there wondering what would be inside the portal. She was tempted to just poke her head through but that was soon not an option. Her mum was coming up the stairs and was about to find out about this portal. Lottie didn't know how to get rid of it so she decided to go straight through and hoped it would close behind her. She quickly grabbed her phone, the computer chip and a bottle of water. 

Chapter 8 


Inside the portal was all blurry and black. Lottie was worried, she didn't know what was happening. What would be on the other side of this mysterious portal. Would it be a terrifying monster that will eat her alive or will it be a wonderland made out of candy.

After about five minutes Lottie had started to see colour. This was a relief to the little girl as she thought she was dead. As the portal started to open on the other side she soon saw massive rocks and statues of goo. 

Once the portal had completely disappeared it chucked the little girl out and she stood there in the dead of silence. As she looked around, she saw a massive pot of goo that stood in the middle of the room. Either side of the pot was two staircases that lead up to another level.   

Suddenly, out from behind the staircases Lottie heard a sound that sounded like German or maybe gibberish language. Out from behind the staircase a bright orange monster appeared. It had three, green eyes and 5 long yellow legs. “HELLLO!” said the alien. Lottie was shocked that it was really an alien. She pulled out the computer chip that she had in her pocket and studied it carefully. Underneath all the squiggly lines it said ‘BEWARE ANOTHER DIMENSION ON OTHER SIDE’

The alien was running towards Lottie and stared into her soul. Lottie quickly reacted and ran for her life. I wouldn’t bother asking her if she knew where she was going because she didn’t. She just ran. 

The alien’s yellow arms stretched out towards Lottie. Up ahead Lottie's eyes darted towards an exit round the corner. She ran as fast as she could. The young girl shoved open the door and dived out. She found a piece of wood next to the exit. She shoved the plank of wood through the handles on the door and breathed with a sigh of relief. ‘That won’t hold them up for long’ thought Lottie. 


Chapter 9


The atmosphere was cold but not too cold. Ahead was a small village that looked abandoned but she did just see an alien. She decided not to head in that direction as they might be more alien there. She walked for hours and all she saw was dry wasteland. The ground was rocky and covered in a thin layer of sand. There was at least ten thousand more metres of walking to do until Lottie got to some sort of food and water supply. 

Just as Lottie was to give up hope she saw something black ahead. Was she imagining stuff or was it really there. The little girl imagined stuff all the time but this time it looked like it was really there. Sprinting towards the building was hard work. The dry surface was hot under her feet and the sand flicked behind her as she sprinted. 

Once she reached the entrance of this tall, dull building she knocked. Of Course you knock before entering. Just when Lottie was going to knock again, a large human opened the door. He was at least 10 foot and was very hairy. He wore a torn shirt and blue ripped jeans. His hair was gelled back and his hands were filthy. He reached out his hand to Lottie who refused to touch the gross looking thing. “Come inside!” said the tramp. He’s house was amazing but he wasn’t as nice looking. As Lottie stepped inside the dark, gloomy tower became as bright as rays of sunshine. 

Chapter 10 

A friend called Albert

“How may I help you?” asked the man. “Please may I have some food as I have been walking for ages!” replied Lottie. “Follow me my friend!” said the giant looking human. 

The two of them walked through long narrow hallways that had walls covered in paintings. The paintings looked old and dusty. Down one of the hallways the human introduced himself. “I am Albert and you are…” “Lottie!” she replied quickly. 

Albert shoved open a door that led to a grand place. The chairs were glistening and the tables were polished. It was like a cafeteria but a million times cleaner. As you know cafeterias are never nice looking and have food everywhere. Dirty walls and mucky fingerprints all over the tables, but this was the total opposite. He led them over to a kitchen and told Lottie to help herself. The smell in there was amazing and the pizza’s smelt ten times better than at home. It was heaven. That idea shocked Lottie. ‘What if she was in heaven!’ she thought. Had the card teleported her here and killed her inside the portal. Albert opened the oven and out he pulled 2 chicken buns with cheese smothered over the chicken. “Take this!” informed Albert. Lottie took one bit and automatically fell in love. 

Once they had eaten some food and drank some water. Albert led Lottie to the lounge. Cream, leather couches were placed around the room and a grand brown fireplace was placed in the middle of the back wall.

The door that led into this magnificent room were painted a shiny, silver that glistening in the moonlight. The moonlight shone brightly through the white, cotton curtains.

“So Lottie why are you here?” asked Albert. “Are you some sort of researcher?”

“Well I am not a researcher."


A Space Story

by Tiffany C


Hi, I'm Amber, and this is the story of how I found another planet and proved aliens existed. I was at the international space station, my friends Lily and Duncan from space camp were also there since they were going into space too. Lily and I have been friends since we were born and Duncan is Lily’s older, annoying brother.

Excited, we were heading into the changing rooms to put on our epic, modern astronaut suits. We all decided we wanted to put our helmets on in slow motion to make it seem pretty cool.

We all saw the spacecraft and Duncan exclaimed hilariously: ”I call front seat!”. So I explained that we all get a front seat.

We then met the awesome, intelligent crew that kept the spacecraft up and flying. They all seemed pretty friendly, everyone on campus loved them. Now, it was almost time for lift off, we headed to the freezer to check out the yummy, strange space food.

An hour later, it was time for lift off! Excited, we were boarding the space craft into the cockpit, when I saw someone in a dark, black clothing typing on the control console. I tried to tell lily but she was getting distracted because Duncan was being annoying as usual.


We were now in the plane waiting for the count down to finish, our parents were in the crowd cheering for us.

The crowd cheered “5,4,3,2,1,BLAST OFF!”

It was like our faces were turning inside out. The blue, enormous sky soon turned into the huge, anti-gravity space. Soon enough we were floating like a bird. We were going as fast as a cheetah(!), until, the emergency sign turned on! We pressed the emergency button to send us back to earth but then nothing happened.

”Someone must have been messing around in the spacecraft!” exclaimed Lily.

Then all of a sudden, we went full speed into an unknown area of the universe.

Shocked, we landed somewhere - somewhere nobody has seen before. The sky was as red as a tomato, the sand was as as orange as an orange, it was as hot as an infinite hot room. Duncan saw something in the distance, was it a plane? Was it a bird? No it was floating aliens. They all screamed but there was no point to because no one could hear them. They all ran away and hid behind the destroyed, smoky plane. The aliens then teleported to the hiding spot. They were as green as slime, as dry as wood and were as strange as a broccoli smoothies.

"Mangy you were supposed to teleport!” shouted Piccolo.

The voices were extremely deep and scary.

Duncan then ran away screaming “AAAAAAHHHHHHH”.

The two aliens then explained that they can repair the space craft.

A few hours later, they found the crystal and repaired the ship. They also found Duncan hiding behind a pebble crying. I then came up with an idea that we should bring the aliens home to build spacecrafts . The aliens seemed very excited so they brought the aliens home.


Naughty Grandma’s invisible drink.

by Aston M

This story starts at my grandma's house. Every other weekend I would stay at my grandma’s. My parents would be doing their ballroom dancing and I would spend a night at my grandmas. To be honest, I never really looked forward to it. Grandma always would say, ‘right it's your bedtime at 7pm!’. Grandma would do her boring word search and have boring game shows on TV. Nothing ever interesting happened at grandmas ever!! 

Until... one particular Saturday night. Mum and dad dropped me off at grandmas.

‘Hello Aston’ she said happily. ‘Hello grandma’ I said unenthusiastically.

‘What's the matter?' asked grandma.

‘Grandma please, can we do something fun tonight, I'm so bored of boring game show TV, nothing is ever fun’.

'Mmm', thought grandma. ‘Well there is something we could do!’ 

‘What is it?’ I said this time, very excited.

‘Have you ever wanted to be invisible Aston?’ asked grandma.

‘Yeah, all the time’ I said.

‘Well, I have a special drink, I call it my special tipple, we could try some of it soon, and we will be invisible, and do some fun things’. ‘Wow, really, Grandma?’ I said eagerly. ‘Yes, but first you need to have your cabbage soup I made you’. 

I never really liked grandma’s cabbage soup, she made this for me every time I stayed. While all of my friends were having take away dinners on a Saturday night, grandma would make me, eww.. cabbage soup! However.. on this occasion I had to have it, I just couldn’t wait to see what adventures the evening would bring. 

I speedily ate my cabbage soup, in super speed time.

‘Wow, you really gobbled that down Aston’. Grandma said.

‘Well I can't wait for your special invisible drink grandma’.

It was just after dinner time, it was the middle of November so it got dark pretty quickly.

‘Right, pop your coat on and get your shoes on, let's get ourselves ready’, grandma said happily. ‘A little glass for you, and a little glass for me, we don’t need much just enough for a few hours. I don't want you still invisible by the time your mum and dad come to pick you up’, giggled grandma. 

Grandma kept a potion bottle in her top kitchen cupboard. When she poured it in the glass, it looked cloudy, almost smokey. It was a clear drink, not much colour to it at all.

‘Grandma, is this okay to drink, where did you get this?’.

‘Of course, its okay to drink, I've been drinking it for years, and this drink comes from my old workplace, it was one of my experiments’.

I was shocked, I thought Grandma was really boring!

I never thought she would have an invisible drink potion in her kitchen cupboard! Grandma was retired now, but she used to work in a medicine factory. She was always very experimental in her younger years, and made this invisible drink whilst experimenting, she had never told everyone about it, until she told me. 

We both drank it together,  it was only a little bit she poured me, but Grandma said it was just enough. It tasted sweet, and fizzy - it reminded me of lemonade.

Just like that, it happened! 

I held my hands out in front of me, but I couldn’t see them. I looked in the mirror but no reflection!

‘Grandma, it's happened! Where are you?’.

‘I'm here’, she replied, ‘In my armchair’ she giggled.

'I can’t believe it has actually worked.'

‘Of course it does, like I said, I've been using it for years, I get up to lots of funny, exciting things,' replied Grandma. 

‘What kind of fun things?’ I asked.

‘Well I go outside and get up to mischief’, grandma giggled.

I chuckled, ‘What kind of mischief’ I asked.

‘Come outside and you will see’ grandma said. 

'Mr Peters is always washing his fancy car right about now - I always start with him first.'

Grandma was right, Mr Peters was on his drive washing his fancy car.

‘Watch this’ whispered Grandma. Grandma picked up the sponge from the bucket that Mr Peters was using to wash his car, and threw the sponge at Mr Peters. ‘Its so funny’ laughed Grandma. Mr Peters turned around as the wet sponge hit his back.

‘That’s funny’ he said puzzled. ‘Every other Saturday evening, another wet sponge hit’. Mr Peters then shrugged it off, and carried on wiping down his fancy car. 

‘Right... what or WHO's next?’ Said Grandma eagerly.

I was amazed, shocked, I never knew Grandma to be this fun!

‘I always watch Mrs Wells doing her yoga, you can see her do it through her window, you can go right up close to the window she won't ever see you’. Grandma insisted. We both went to Mrs Wells window, she was in her yoga gear, and had yoga on her TV. She was trying to do some weird, unusual yoga positions, it was actually quite funny to see her try. We both giggled together. Maybe a bit too loud, Mrs Wells then walked up to her curtains and closed them. 

Next we saw some more of Grandma’s neighbours: Mrs Green and Mrs Wood, they were both chatting on the street, out dog walking. Both dogs were eager to be on the move, but they were both chatting away.

‘I know what to do’, Grandma said mischievously.

Grandma untied the dogs from their leads, and the dogs ran down the street.

‘Oh, no the dogs’, cried Mrs Green and Mrs Wood. They rushed down the street to catch the dogs.

‘How funny’ laughed Grandma.

‘Mrs Green and Mrs Wood, will be chasing their dogs for ages now,' I said worried.

‘Oh, they're always nattering away, the poor dogs are bored, waiting there while they chatter. Now the dogs have had a lovely run!’, giggled Grandma again. 

Next we saw Grandma’s newspaper man, coming down the street wheeling his heavy bag of newspapers. ‘Oh no Grandma, not the poor newspaper man!’ I said.

‘It's only some fun’, replied Grandma in her gigglish tone.  

Grandma quickly opened the poor newspaper man's trolley which was full of this evening's newspapers. She snuck up behind him, unzipped the bag and all of the newspapers began to unfold all out on the pavement. One by one they all fell out, like a stack of Lego bricks all over the wet pavement.

‘Oh, grandma! All of those newspapers’.

'Hehe', grandma giggled. ‘It's all a bit of fun’, she responded. 

The newspaper man stopped in his tracks, and watched the newspapers as they flew in the air, and off down the street they went. He tried to pick some up, but they were too wet. The papers had got all wet, from the wet pavement.

‘This silly newspaper trolley’, he cried. ‘I need to deliver these all by tonight, what am I going to do?!’ The newspaper man looked very upset.

‘Grandma, the poor newspaper man’, I said again.

‘He will be fine, come along now, let's see what else we can do,' said Grandma merrily. 

We then saw Mrs Cobbler getting out of her car. ‘Here we go, watch this’, naughty Grandma said. As Mrs Cobbler closed her car door, Grandma opened the door back open again.

‘Aye, that's funny’, Mrs Cobbler said to herself. She then shut her car door again.

But yep, you bet, Grandma opened the door again.

‘What on earth?’, sighed Mrs Cobbler.

Grandma giggled to herself, it was like she was a naughty school girl. ‘Its so fun causing some mischief’, giggled Grandma. 

‘Do you always do this, Grandma?’ I asked. ‘Yep, on some Saturdays when you’re not with me, I do, I get so bored. There is only so much scrabble you can play, and only so many boring game shows to watch!'

‘Why haven’t you ever told me?' I asked.

‘Well, maybe it's because you would think I'm so naughty,' she chuckled to herself. 

‘Let's quickly go down to the sweet shop, before it closes, and pick up some candy’, Grandma said. ‘But, we won’t need to pay’, said Grandma mischievously. We went into the local newsagents. It was my favourite shop because it had my favourite candy - the everlasting strawberry. It was my ultimate favourite sweet. It would last for ages and of course it was delicious.

I took so many everlasting strawberries and put them in my coat pocket. Grandma went for Werther's, she picked up a few packets and put them in her duffle coat… so there was still something boring to Grandma, her choice of sweets. 

Just like that, we went out of the shop. ‘So easy, such fun and rather naughty’, giggled grandma. ‘But, you really mustn't tell your mum and dad, this is our little secret’, grandma said. 

‘Mmm, Grandma, I'm starting to see my hands, look’. I said.

‘Oh, gosh yes’, grandma said. ‘We must head back home, we only drank enough for a few hours, the time has passed so quickly’, Grandma said.

We started to walk back to Grandma's house. Both of my hands had reappeared and half of my arms, I could now see my trainers and half of my legs.

'We best hurry back before someone sees us!' I looked over at Grandma, you could see her grey, wavy hair and a pair of spectacles appearing. ‘Your face is starting to appear grandma’, I said worriedly.

‘Its wearing off, very quickly, we’re not too far from home now’, replied grandma. 

We eventually got back to Grandma’s, by this time we had completely transformed back to your normal selves.

‘That was close, what a relief to be home,' said grandma. ‘A nice cup of hot chocolate, then off to bed I think, all this mischief has got me feeling sleepy’, said grandma yawning.

To be honest, I was feeling sleepy too, and it was 9pm. I drank my lovely warm hot chocolate, and got myself ready for bed. I got myself into bed, in grandma’s spare room which she says is my room, and fell straight asleep. 

The next morning, I woke up and went downstairs. Grandma was already up, I could hear the television, and could smell toast.

‘Morning Aston’, grandma said happily, sitting on her armchair. ‘Look at the television, all of our mischief is on the news’, grandma said. I looked at the television and to my amazement there were news reporters just outside grandma's house on the telly. 

'This is Sally Barnes, reporting live for Good Morning News.

There have been reported events of unexplained things happening down this very street, Honeywell Street. I’m here now with some of the witnesses of these funny occurrences which happen most Saturday evenings’.

‘Grandma, everyone is outside, the newspaper man is there, Mr Peters with the wet sponge, Mrs Wells in her yoga gear, Mrs Green and Mrs Wood with their dogs, and Mrs Cobbler and her car, oh no grandma we’re going to get caught!’ I said very worried, looking out of the window. ‘We’re not going to get caught, I have an idea’, grandma said. 

She opened her kitchen cupboard and got out the potion bottle again.

‘We just about have enough for one last time’. Grandma said full of excitement. ‘I always knew this would run out one day, and what a way to use the last few drops, let's go out there, while they are live on air, and cause some mischief one last time!’.

Grandma was right, it was the last few drops, we may as well go out there and have a giggle I thought. Mum and dad were coming to pick me up soon anyway. 

Grandma poured the rest of the potion into two glasses. ‘One for you, and one for me, enjoy it, it's the very last,' said grandma smiling. I drank my remaining potion, and just like that, it happened. As quickly as a flash, we were both invisible again. 

We made our way outside, the news reporters were just outside Grandmas. Mr Peters was being interviewed by the news reader.

‘Well, it's been a regular occurrence most Saturday evenings, I'm washing my fabulous top of the range car, then the wet sponge ends up being thrown at me. As soon as I put it in the bucket, someone or.. something throws it at me! It's very strange’, reported Mr Peters to the news reader. 

Grandma went over to Mr Peters car - it was a top of the range car. It was a shiny red, sport convertible BMW. Mr Peters was the type of guy that loved his car, and would wash it even if it was completely clean. There was a bucket next to the car, full of soapy car wash and a sponge ready by the car, Grandma picked the sponge up and began to clean the windscreen. 

Look the sponge is washing the car all by itself’, one camera man shouted in amazement.

‘Look the sponge is dipping into the bucket’.'

‘Look the sponge is cleaning Mr Peters’s car all by itself!’

The crowd turned to look at the car, the sponge was cleaning the car all by itself! But really I knew it was Grandma. The crowd were amazed, their mouths wide open in absolute amazement. The camera crew rushed over to film the mystery in action! Sally Barnes the newsreader rushed over to the scene to report. 

‘What you are witnessing here my friends, this morning on good morning news. Is the very mystery in action! The sponge is washing a resident's car all by itself, no person. Just a floating sponge cleaning!’ She reported. 

All of a sudden, the newsreaders microphone was taken out of her hand. Of course,  this was Grandma! 

Grandma began to dance around with the microphone, it was such a funny sight to see just a microphone floating around in the air. The camera crew were going wild, they couldn’t believe they were catching this all live on television! 

All of a sudden, I began to see a glimpse of grandma’s pink dressing gown in the air. Oh no, I thought, as I stood there watching this all unfold. The invisible drink was wearing off. I began to panic. I looked down at my feet and I could see my slippers. I knew we had to rush back inside before we were caught! 

‘Grandma, your dressing gown, look!’, I tried to shout quietly not to be noticed.

Grandma must've noticed, and the dancing floating microphone was dropped to the ground.

‘Get inside, quick’, panicked grandma. We rushed back inside and closed grandma's front door. 

‘That was a close one, very close’, said Grandma, by now her face had completely appeared, and so was the rest of her. ‘It was only the last few drops wasn’t it, that was close but that was such fun’, naughty grandma said. ‘This will be on TV, there will be reports on this for ages and it was all us!’ said Grandma with her hands on her hips. ‘This has made history, the mystery of the car washing sponge and the dancing microphone’, giggled grandma. ‘I'm one happy old lady’, grandma said triumphantly. 

About an hour later, mum and dad came to pick me up. ‘Did you have a lovely stay at grandma's?’, mum asked me.

‘It was so exciting, grandma isn’t boring, she is so fun!’ I replied.

Mum giggled, ‘I’m glad you had fun, what did you do?’. 

‘It's our secret’, I replied.  

From this day nobody ever knows it was us, or knows of grandma’s invisible drink. It's been 5 years now since it happened, unfortunately Grandma has passed away since, my naughty, mischievous, funny and kind Grandma. The mysterious goings on down Honeywell Street still remains a mystery, and is still spoken of now. Nobody ever knew it was me and my grandma, and her invisible drink... until now... Now, I have told you my magical story and all about my very naughty mischievous grandma! 

The End.

Home alone in the afternoon

by Olivia C

Chapter 1

Hi, I am Lolo and I have a brother called Jimmy. He is 5 years and I am 12 years old.

My mum left me and my brother Jimmy at home while my parents went out. Jimmy played football while I played games like Roblox and I played with some green, gooey slime. It was so much fun. Then I heard the doorbell ring.

I said “it can’t mum and dad they just left “.

Then Jimmy said “mum ordered me some new football boots”.

I went to the door, the only thing I saw was a box that said:


I thought it is 1:32 so let's open it.

Inside was a note that said:

You need to come to 468228 haunted road...

A Refugee Diary

by Luca M


Friday 22nd January 2021


Dear Diary

When I woke up I heard a huge BANG!

Suddenly I realised what was happening. The country was being  attacked! I was scared and petrified! I took all my valuable stuff and put it in my bag as quickly as I could. Then I saw a plane outside my window. It had bombs coming out of the bottom. I knew I had to move swiftly.

I ran as fast as I could. I was worried about my mum, dad and little sister. I went to the kitchen and got some snacks so I wouldn’t starve. It was in the middle of the night so no one could see the planes or where the bombs were coming from. We could only hear them.

I saw some car keys. I was thinking something. I didn’t care that I didn’t have a driver's licence. Surely, I could drive a car? I thought to myself.

Then I saw my mum, my dad, and my little sister. I asked my dad if he could drive the car. He drove us to the airport. I wondered why we were here. He told us he was going to fly the plane.

From the sky I could see that my favourite tower had been blown up and I felt so angry! We went over The ocean. It took 9 hours to get to England where we would be safe. Then the plane crashed and I realised I was the only one left. I was crying and heartbroken. I didn’t know what to do. It took me hours but I finally found civilization people.


I hope I can find someone who can help me.




The lost Family

by Zoe W


One day, on a cold, miserable evening, Isabelle asked her strict parents if, for their holiday, they could go camping. Their parents didn’t want to upset Isabelle so they decided to ask her younger sister, who was called Elicia. Elicia was only six years old but was quite smart. They walked up to Elicia’s fluffy, pink unicorn bedroom and asked her if she wanted to go. Shockingly, she said yes.

Early in the morning they got up and packed their bags; they headed out to the camp. When they arrived, they thought they were at the wrong place because everywhere was spooky and dark. They set up their camp and headed to bed.

All of a sudden, at night there was a scream which sounded like Elicia. Then, Isabelle and her mum and dad woke up. Isabelle was crying and scared that she was going to vanish too. Her dad went to go and look for Elicia but after five hours, he never came back. So Isabelle and her mum went to go and find them but after eleven days no-one came back.

The news was spreading fast about the family not being seen in eleven days. Then, a police officer called a detective called Mr. Holmes. He asked Mr. Holmes to see what had happened to them and where they had gone.

Mr. Holmes' first name was Sherlock. He wore a brown coat, a white blouse  and a bowtie. He found that the place Isabelle’s family went camping was called deathly forest. Many people had gone missing there before and only ONE person had made it out alive. Her name was Marie.

Sherlock knocked on her door. She answered and said welcome Sherlock. Sherlock questioned Marie and asked what she had seen.

Marie answered "a big black shadow; he was holding a rifle."

Sherlock went back to the forest and found four new, fresh dead bodies. Two girls, a mum and a dad. In a few more seconds there was one more body there...

The brilliant Bolding Bus

by Owen K

In the cramped streets of St Pauls there was a colossal red bus, that was made out of metal.  Through conspicuous windows, people sat depressed on the soft silky seats.  The whole town looked a misery, dilapidated houses sat on the side of the roads, the only excitement was the bus and the bright stars in the jet-black sky.  The engines roared that sounded like a rocket taking off.  Instantaneously, there was an explosion in the middle of town!

Screams invaded the defenceless city from every direction.  In no time the huge red bus evacuated people from the city.  People screamed as if they were in crimples of pain.  On the streets people sprinted as fast as their exhausted legs would take them.  Shattered windows smashed immediately, glass flew in the air like a tornado.  Houses fell like dominos.  Water pipes burst like a Tsunami erupting out of nowhere.  People called 999 in no time ambulances turned up out of nowhere like an army.

The paramedics felt shocked and scared but their job is to be courageous.  The police and firefighters kicked down the doors and evacuated everyone.  Terror-inducing, the bus caught fire.  The mortified children ran as quick as a flash to the back of the bus.  The firefighters used water to put out the wild fire. Ambulances flew over the war-torn city rescuing as many people as possible.  

When the extraordinary disaster ended the government announced that there was an explosion in the mines.  The disaster destroyed lots of homes, so there was a lot of people homeless.  The homeless people felt exasperated and melancholy for the rest of their horrific, miserable lives.

A diary from 1988

by Phoebe R


April 22 1988

This is the day. This is the day when we go out on our magnificent boat, The Peggy Sue. We will sail to one side of the world and back looking at mysterious creatures on the way. I want to discover something like an animal or something but my instincts are saying that it will be much better. I have lots of weird and wonderful emotions. I was anxious and excited for lots of reasons but I was confident that it was going to be a perfect trip. 


April 29 1988

The last week we’ve seen many extraordinary sights. In this adventure I didn't think I'd have to do work but it turns out I do. Earlier today, I saw a swarm of flying fish jumping in the warm breeze surrounding us. Once they’d jumped out the cold, refreshing water, I rushed downstairs to get my nearly filled up sketchbook and started sketching and comparing. Dad told us that we were off the coast of Australia; we're going to stay there for a while to see our cousins and our uncle -our cousins live with our uncle in Australia- and they’re going to take us all scuba diving, including our dog Stella.


May 1 1988 

Today we arrived in boiling, exotic Australia. My two cousins ( Beth and Liza) came running up to me then pounced; they gave me a big hug. They played with me all the time, they called me Mikey. Whenever we sat down to eat our BBQ - which we had every night - they always wanted to sit next to me so I sat at the end of the table.

I guess a BBQ is better than baked beans. Uncle John said we were going scuba diving on this holiday. I snuggled up in my bed and closed my eyes.  



May 15 1988, 9:00 - 11:00

I woke up on a hot, scorching spring day. Uncle John burst in the room exclaiming that this was the perfect day to go scuba diving. When I came down to have breakfast, there was a blue wetsuit on the table. We all got dressed into our scuba gear then hopped into Uncle John's navy green Jeep. We soon approached the long, winding ocean. It took a while to get on Stella's paddle bands on because she can't come under with us. Just then a large, white whale came up to Stella and digested her. We all screamed and ran out of the water.

May 15 1988, 11:00 - 7:00

A few minutes later, we heard barking and it was coming from the whale. We all went up to it and as quick as lightning we were inside to. Stella came running up to us and she was barking at what looked like a path. We all walked down it as it came to a big ball of light. We could see trees and grass and a big stream separating everything. We wandered around looking for the beach but no sand was in sight. It was starting to get dark so we looked for a big tree and had a long nap underneath it. 


May 16 1988

I was the first one to wake up as Stella was licking my face. Just then, I saw a big bowl of food but no one was in sight. All we could see was green plants. There were red bananas and raw fish. After everyone had some food we went out exploring. We had a plan, when we go to sleep we will stay awake and see who put down the food. Soon after, we headed back to where we slept last night. We all settled down and a few hours later a mysterious black figure walked up to us. We couldn't see anything because it was dark. One of us made a fire torch and we were shocked.