Kents Hill Road, Benfleet, Essex SS7 5PS


Miss J Parkes

Kents Hill Junior School


 As part of our COVID-19 Catch up programme we have purchased an online reading library - MyON (

MyON provides access to an online library with a wide selection of books that can be read 24/7. It doesn’t replace the reading pf physical books but it does provide an amazing additional resource which is particularly useful during these remote learning times.

MyON links in with the children’s Accelerated Reader. The library tracks how many minutes the children have spent reading and then informs their class teacher when they have finished their book.

Please click here for a User Guide to using myON

There are many amazing features incorporated in the software, including a dictionary that enables your child to look up words they do not yet know the meaning of.

Please see this video for a visual guide of how myON works:  

Another step in our COVID Catch up programme is Accelerated Reader. Every child has completed a quick online quiz to assess the level they are currently reading at which will help the children to choose texts that will continue to challenge their reading further! At the end of the assessment, the children are then provided with a ZPD range.

Accelerated Reader continues to monitor reading progress through the use of short quizzes after reading a book – be it their own, a schoolbook or a book on myON. 85%-94% are the optimal scores we are aiming for.


If your child is unsure of their Accelerated Reader or myOn login, they can ask their teacher via their Google Classroom.